{Flirty Aprons} Review

Feeling a little flirty in the kitchen? Do you have more spice running through you veins than on your spice rack? How about showing of your style while cooking? Ever watched a favorite movie & couldn’t help but notice that cute little cook in the kitchen wearing an out of this world apron. While your husband waits for the punch line your trying to figure where to get that apron at. I was sent a fabulous, yes fabapproved, apron by Flirty Aprons.

Maybe you’ve heard of them or maybe you haven’t. I’m here to give you the ‘know’ about a apron company that I deem absolutely Fabulous! You’ll be running to the kitchen ready to cook in this stylish and sexy take on apron wear. Don’t be modest there is nothing wrong with looking hot with a spatula in your hand. This store isn’t just for women though, yes you men can be manly and look like king of the castle in your own aprons. Owner of the grill, master of the party, & not too shabby designs. You may not want to look pretty but their Men’s designs have awesome sayings like, “I make things Sizzle”. Flirty Aprons would never leave your children out of the mix, per say :) They have a great selection, a perfect fit, and matching mommy?! Love it!

{A Perfect Fit}

Women: Designed to fit all body types and with extra long waist ties, scooped sides, and perfectly sized bib this apron is sure to put your other aprons to shame ~if you have any. They use the highest quality fabric and you won’t be disappointed. No fading or rips or tears..well unless you throw bleach on it or rip it with a knife, and I know you would never do that!

Men: Heavy weight poly/cotton fabric, quality, durable, and can handle all you have cooked up, embroidery, rich colors that wash well…not that your a dirty cook :)
Measures 24″ wide by 34.5″ long. Sliding neck adjustment and long ties make this apron a great fit for every man.

Child: 19″ in length and designed to fit any child under 48″ tall. If your child is taller they can fit the women’s aprons nicely.


Here are just a few I like:

  1. Pink Party Apron -Women $29.95
  2. Scarlet Blossom Apron -Women $29.95
  3. My Grill is Hotter Than Yours Apron-Men $24.95
  4. I like Cougars…Medium Rare Apron – Men $24.95

{Company Matters}

Flirty Aprons is a business founded by 2 married couples: Joesph & Heather Hansen, Spencer & Jamie Taylor. Each individual brings a great component to the business with their love and expertise. They are not just bringing aprons to life but a community of men, women, and children. Flirty Apron promotes good values and makes a stand to do good for the community and help it thrive. They are looking to change the optimism in business and have positive experiences with their customers personally as well. Besides their online store they have 21 locations you can visit located on their site.


I love their stitch work and it is durable heavy high quality fabric but soft and moveable feel. The best of all worlds when looking for a perfect fit. Comfortable and functional are two things I need in an apron and Flirty Aprons offer both in one delightfully cute design.

When it arrived my husband was like….it looks like the design on your blog..bahaha..I does.


Go to http://www.flirtyaprons.com/
Shipping is only $2.95 for your entire order!!! Crazy good deal.

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