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Traveling with kids is something I do not do best.  Something I do not do at all.  To go 30 miles is a real feat for us.  On the way to Niagara Falls 2 years ago by the time my kids were in the car for 2 hours they were screaming and crying to get out.  “Are we there yet” had new meaning and new annoyance as a mother of 3 kids and I was pregnant with #4.  Promising to never travel again is easier said than done.  My solution is to find new products for the kids to play with on the way.  And surprise them with a goodie on the go back the day of travel.  Keep it a surprise and these goodies will keep you child busy…for at least a couple hours.

But what toys/games/entertainment is best?  First: items that are mess-free.  Easy to handle and fun to play with for long periods of time.  Short periods of time will work too.  Play with your kids.  If you take toys that are interesting to you as well that will make for a less stress venture.

Bendaroos are a perfect on the go toy that is fun for everyone.  I made a mouse:

And as cute as he is…and as TALENTED as I am my kids made some fun creatures as well..

My kids play with Bendaroos almost everyday and I would take these on vacation for fun building in the car and fun to play in hotel.

  • No Glue, No Stains, No Mess
  • Unbend to use again
  • Hold their shape
  • Create your favorite animals, food, flowers & more

Price: $19.99

Comes with:

  • over 500 + Bendaroos (250 Neon + 250 Rainbow)
  • Fun Guide
  • 10 Traceable Templates


Disclosure: I received Bendaroos at no charge to me for this review.  I was not paid to post.  My opinions about this product are honest.

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