The “It” Bag OiOi {Review}


I know what you are thinking. What a gorgeous handbag for the Fall. That’s exactly what I thought, until I realized (*gasp*) its a diaper bag! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this bag. I have wanted so desperately to carry around a handbag again instead of big ol’ diaper bag everywhere I go. But- with toddler triplets, my days of carrying around the must have “it” bag of the season are long gone…or so I thought.

OiOi is an Australian owned and designed company that started over a decade ago and  is now a recognized label throughout the World. OiOi is the brainchild of Lisa Bennetts, who decided to make a sophisticated and stylish, yet functional bag to carry after giving birth to her daughter, Isabella. She started out making the basic Messanger Bag in 1997 and now has grown to producing over 40 different styles!

Here are a few of  my absolute favorites.

I was blessed with the opportunity (thank you, Beth!) to review one of these amazing bags. I got to pick which color of the Faux Leather Studded Totes I wanted. This in itself, was a very tough decision! I finally decided on this hot yellow one (and I am not usually a yellow person). Let me just say, it did not disappoint. When this bag arrived, I almost teared up as I took it out of the box because it was so gorgeous in person. Once I touched it, I wanted to live in the bag itself. It was that soft. I figured because it was faux leather, it would have a stiff feel. I was completely wrong. This bag feels like butter. You know that leather you touch that feels like it melts in your hands? That is this faux leather.

The bag isn’t all looks either. It has some really amazing features, too. The tote comes with a insulated bottle or sippy cup holder that fits inside the bag. It can also hook to one of the three hooks that can keep it hanging out of the bag as well. I’m assuming that feature is for people like me, with too much in my diaper bag to close it. It also comes with a diaper changing pad that rolls up and fits nicely inside,too. My only dislike about this, is that I would’ve made the diaper changer pad a different color. The yellow doesn’t match the others as well. Maybe a nice gray? NOT that this small detail matters, I’m just pointing out the only flaw I could find! The other great feature is the outside pockets. They are padded pockets with spots for your keys, cell phone, and my sunglasses. I was really getting tired of tossing my keys into my diaper bag only to frantically search for them when its time to go. This makes it so easy and the two larger pockets have magnetic snaps to keep the pockets closed and your items secure.

Check out all of the space it has on the inside. I’ve fit my wallet, changing pad, two snack cups, a sippy cup, my eye glasses, fruit snacks (tucked in the pockets), 3 diapers, wipes and emergency kit (band aids, Motrin, etc) and I still have space. The lining of this bag is also a wipe-able fabric that will clean up spills and messes very easily. I know, I’ve already had to clean it up after a sippy leaked! The bag also zips shut so I’m not dumping everything out as I lift my kids into our SUV.

I would definitely recommend that you go take a look at all of OiOi’s collection, don’t you want to be seen carrying the “it” bag this season? I am serious when I tell you that I plan to use this as my regular handbag when my kids don’t need a diaper bag anymore!


Cost: $160.00


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