Mary Kay 30% off Sale + Free Shipping offer until 8/13

I have reviewed a lot of makeup and yes some of it’s pretty fab but i can’t shake my obsession with Mary Kay.  I used to sell it over 6 years ago when I was pregnant with Belle.  My favorite items are…uh all of the above.  Yes, I pretty much love all they have to offer.  Their Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover is the best on the market.  Eyeliner stays put all day, period!  Best mascara I have ever tried…I’ve tried them all since my lashes aren’t so lushes.  Their foundations cover up and blends into my skin like pure silk.  It is honestly the best foundation and if you hate the “i look like i’m wearing a mask” look you need to try this.  I’m sad though.  Mary Kay stopped making their super fab pressed powder.  They have some products that they have taken away that are my Whisper Pink eye shadow, Sable eye liner, and that pressed powder.  So my advice to you is to BUY IN BULK.  Don’t get me wrong they won’t wipe out all lines of makeup often they just discontinue items like every other business.

Laurie is a Mary Kay rep and is offering my fabulous readers a discount.  For 30% off and FREE SHIPPING act now.

Go here:

Save this: 30% + Free Shipping

Mention you are a Fabulous Won reader when you checkout for this savings

Enter your Visa/MC and before she charges your account she will deduct the 30%

If you have questions you can email Lauie at

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