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mOmma always said “you better shop around”.  But momma left out the part about when modern chic meets quality and durability snag it up.

mOmma feeding products were designed by technology.  Their rounded feel help comfort baby.  Their movement encourage your babies growth with confidence.  Easy to grab sippy cups and teethers hold strong and stand the test of time: for babies.

This is hands down my favorite straw sippy for babies.  The mOmma Rocker is easy to clean, fill, and handle.  Best know it’s coming..NO SPILLS!  Yes, a non-spilling straw sippy that is easy for baby to drink from.

The dual handle Cup with Straw is equipped with a twisting lid to promote independence. This modern closing system allows baby to access and store feeding straw within the lid. This motion increases baby’s motor skills and further strengthens their grip, while maximizing hygiene.

Price: $12.25

I also love these Rocking Cups because they are roly poly.  No flat bottom keep these babies rockin’ and rollin’ for fun and entertainment for giggling babies.

mOmma Sippy Cup in orange is like the Sippy Straw rocker in design.  The sippy mouth piece is also non-drip (and it really is non-dripping) and can support any of the mOmma line of products for drinking.  All sippy cups come with a strong lid that can with stand throwing, upside down in diaper bag, and never spills. Besides it’s obviously ‘cool’ design the technology keeps me coming back for more.  I clean these cups daily with the mOmma Wash Brush in Orange to use often.  Easy removable sippy for cleaning allows no-mold, no-germs to go undetected.  Great news: the removable sippy piece doesn’t remove on it’s own while baby is drinking!  Easy for you to clean but strong enough to hold into place all day long (and all night).  Some sippy’s I have owned the flow piece comes out into the cup while baby drinks.  Cause baby to choke and me to go diving into the cup to retrieve.  Not fun.

Again, here is the mOmma Wash Brush that is smart designed to fit into each mOmma product and clean at it’s best.

5.25”H x 3.25” D
• Perfect cleaning
• Ergonomic grip
• Round mOmma bottle/cup shape
• Fun design that mom will love


The mOmma Soft Spoon & Fork (or as my older kids call “spork” with laughter) is one of my favorites.  It is no surprise to me it was a Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner.  The design is spot on for new feeders.  Roly Poly Soft Spoon & Fork allow a fun adventure in feeding for your baby or toddler and promotes motor skills.  It sits up right and is easy to child to grab and go but never easy to fall on any soiled surfaces.  By far the best utensils in the 9 years I have been feeding little ones we have ever used.

$7.25 each

Ok I know I said the Soft Spoon and Fork were my fav’s but let’s scoot-ch over for something else that will be in my cabinets for years to come.  The mOmma Feeding Plate is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Again, smart technology and design offering a great way to feed baby.  I like the design because it is easy for me to clean.  No corners to get applesauce out of.  Best part: the bottom!  It is a flat base but the rubber technology helps this Feeding Plate stay put.  No more sliding plates of the table while your back is turned.  I love the feel of these products and I know you will too! $9.25

mOmma’s messiest mOments photo contest

Little ones can sure make a big mess!  Send us a photo of your tot’s messiest mealtime moment for a chance to win a prize package of mOmma, the beloved line of Italian feeding products for infants and toddlers, for yourself and a friend (total value: $104.50).

Contest open August 2 – September 10, 2010. One digital photo per entry, please. One entry per child will be accepted.

Go here now to enter:

mOmma never said she wouldn’t get messy!


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