BARBAR Hair Dryer ROCKS my Locks Review + 50% Discount


I started this blog for one reason and one reason only!  To get to the bottom of all of these products that claim to work.  So far I have worked with hundreds of companies in over a year.  There are a few things that pop out still in my mind as my favorites.  Well, today we added one more.  I’m not going to lie to you..if this product broke I would turn around and buy another one in a NY minute.  Yes, it’s that good.  Yes, I’m very excited to share it with you.  Yes, there is a discount involved.  yeah :)

BARBAR Hair Dryers, now I know what your thinking.  How can you make so much fuss about a hair dryer, Beth?  Well, before the BarBar I would NEVER had.  I really had no clue as to what I was missing out on.  And really I have worked with the company of my ‘old’ hair dryer so I can’t call it out right now but it’s missing something.  Missing something that BarBar is not!

Why I’m in love with a hair dryer…

At the moment BARBAR ECO 8000 is helping me not use the flat iron.  Yep.  Saving the health of my hair with smoothness.

  1. Eco Friendly Ceramic Heating Element- what this means is it heats up without much energy
  2. 1100 Watts and with the Ceramic Heating that equals 1800 get the fast dry results without the cost
  3. Heats up to 320 degrees
  4. Multi Heat & Speed Settings
  5. Cool Shoot
  6. It emits a very low EMF (radiation) and saves electricity
  7. Comes with 2 style adapters to give your hair more defined style and straight.
  8. Lasts 5x longer than coil heating elements

I must warn you this is one very modern Hair Dryer.  It is a lot heavier than my ‘old’ one but it makes my hair dry faster and smoother.   I promise I have not used the flat iron in this first photo.. see below

now remember before the BARBAR my hair dryer was like this quality and I HAD to use a flat iron

That’s just gross! As you can see it is frizzy and unmanageable.  It was hard to post this pic, not going to lie to ya.

If all else fails it poses as a great..ugly hair photo!

So Next I added some shine..

Included in the box was just the BARBAR Eco-8000 Hair Dryer and 2 style adapters.  No more No less.  No instructions, however, I do know how to operate them.  I had some lingering questions about a green light that shines on when powered up but I will take that as the “on” light.  And for some reason it was lacking the “don’t go near water” or you will be shocked tag.  I thought those were required but maybe it’s water proof.  I’m not willing to find out…since it is still plugged into the wall I trust it would be fatal to blow dry while still in the tub.

I trust this is truly a professional Hair Dryer like it is listed.  I receive salon results daily.  How many of you can say that with fuzzy thick hair?

Cost: $150


For 50% off Use Code: Blog4fun

Ends 12/31/10

And remember to always….

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