Holiday Gift Guide- Prince Lionheart Whirl balanceScooter review

It’s a no brainer bikes have to be one of the biggest purchases during the Holiday season. A great time to get toddlers a new “first” bike. But how well will that toddler learn if they don’t learn to balance first? This was the problem with our 1st child a few years ago. The frustration and fear of falling were too much and topped with the pressure from nagging parents near by didn’t help much.  It wasn’t long after our attempts to get him trained were hitting dead ends we learned another way.  A smarter way.  A stylish way at that!  We bought him a balance bike.  It was great and worked in one week.  YES in one week he learned to balance and go from the balance bike to the big bike we bought him.  But why the fast switch you ask?  Because technically he was too big for the balance bike we bought.  I will not mention the brand but it was positioned lower to the ground and he was 7 when he learned to ride so he was a tad to big for it..but it worked mind you!  So guess what..child #2 can’t even peddle a training bike!  She is very short and very skinny for her age and can’t even manage the training bikes they offer in stores.  Did we spend $75 this summer on a new bike she can’t ride?  Yes!  Am I still bitter?  Maybe!

My Heart Beats Fast In The Thrill

Prince Lionheart, one of my favorite companies for modern and unique items for children, saved the day once more.  They sent us, ahem Belle, the Whirl balanceScooter in PINK! to try out.  I’m not going to lie to you..I just like looking at it setting up against the porch.  It’s very neat with the Eco-friendly, 100% birch frame from an FSC certified forest.  Yes you can say thank you nature! But did it help our skinny Belle strong up and balance a bike just her size?  Yes, and this is one of my favorite items I have ever reviewed.  The quality of wood and the durable strong rubber tires are bare none!  This bike is priced fair at $99 and worth the powerful learning power of training your child to balance their bike.  Would I encourage this to be under your tree with a bow on top?  You BETCHA! Plus forget about spending all night in the closet putting it together on Christmas Eve, this bike only takes a matter of minutes to put together saving you time and frustration.

How does a Balance Bike Work?

First and foremost this bike only took 5-10 minutes to set up.  Long enough for your child to say “done yet”..and yes hunny I am!  Child is encouraged to walk around while positioned on the bike to get a feel for the weight and how fast they can walk with it at first.  Next once your child is comfortable you can encourage to try running or walking fast with the bike.  There are no peddles to get in the way, leaving the balance easier and in control for your child.  After they are a pro at running with the bike show them how to kick their feet up or back after running and balancing for a fun ride.  After they get the hang of it’s addicting…yes I tried it!  This will help them with their motor skills and gain enough confidence to balance a bike without help in the future.

The Whirl Balance Bike features:

  • Solid rubber handgrips
  • Height adjustable, padded seat – adjusts 15″ to 18.5″
  • 12″ rubber tires
  • Classic, spoke wheels
  • Eco-friendly, 100% birch frame from an FSC certified forest

For ages: 2-5

Buy: Prince Lionheart

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost to me as part of Prince Lionheart’s mom bloggers program.  I was not paid to post and my opinions are honest!

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