Does this Coffee make my butt look big?

I was never a coffee drinker.  Life was tiresome.  Stress was prevalent.  And something had to give.  I can’t eat chocolate 24/7 to keep my eyes open and my spirits on high.  So after some fabulous coffee maker companies sent me their fabulous brewers I took on a new habit.  One that kept me coming back for more cups.  A tad bit dependent and with some side effects I’m ready to talk about it.  My teeth…no so white anymore.  My so kissable.  My butt..not so small.  But could it be true?  Can coffee help you pack on the pounds or is it just me?

I’ve taken my coffee obsession one step further and renounced Coffee Friday with my bestie.  It’s fun, comforting, and down right awesome to have a coffee morning break with a good friend.  Good for fellowship, not so good for my rump.  I told Jake last night I haven’t had back like this since pregnancy.  (and NO I’m not pregnant)

I feel like I’m investing in this coffee thing.  It really does help me get up in the morning.  To know that I get a cup of jo rather than a glass o water does help. But am I willing to keep up the habit with these back lashes?

So, alas, I’m not sure if I can say no to the cappuccino.  I started working out.  Like, on a treadmill.  I hope to not loose 5 pds and forget about the treadmill like I usually do.  I would like to be healthy.  What is your take on this subject?  How many calories are in my coffee?  Is it to blame for my booty big?

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