Out of my comfort zone: Coffee!

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You may have caught a glimpse of the new change in my life.  If you read my Does This Coffee Make My Butt Look Big article you know where this story is going.  Once upon a time in a faraway small town lived a quiet little mama.  She had lots of little kiddies that created quit a mess daily, hourly if you must know.  She was a wore out, tired, and needed a boast.  She finally decided to try a pick me up:  Coffee.  Yes, most of you discovered how to cram 6 hrs of nonstop study into a night before the BIG exam with a pot of coffee in college, but I didn’t.  I grew up a picky eater and never really cared to try the stuff.  To be honest my mom, sister, and I made fun of  my dad for drinking coffee.  He had to have the RIGHT brand, could never run out or there was trouble, and was obviously the only one in the family who drank it.  But then it happened.  I tried it.  The energy was almost too much to ignore.  I was balancing laundry baskets on my head (sarcastically speaking).    I only allow myself one cup a day but maybe in a  year from now I’ll be in a coffee anonymous group and can blog about that.

The best part of drinking coffee: I don’t yawn as much.  No really, I enjoy the taste and added energy.  Keep close in mind I add a lot of sugar (insert jitters) and cream to add flavor and down play the bold taste.  Have you seen the movie ‘Meet The Robinsons’?  The women science teacher had about 20 caffeine patches on and was running around crazy with some burst of screaming.  It is quiet humorous.

So, trying something new can really have many outcomes.  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly never rang so true.  If  I tried a belly dance class: the ugly, if I tried asparagus: the bad, and when I tried coffee for the first time: the good, surprisingly so!

What have you tried NEW lately?  Trying new things can be quit exciting but I can’t say I’ll be jumping out of a plane anytime soon but I will explore for new foods this year and challenge myself to live out of my comfort zone!  I would love for you to share what new thing you tried and had a great outcome.   Was it a food, craft, sport?  Do share..

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