Mother’s Day 2011 Gift Guide

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Every year we spend Mother’s Day a) going to Church and b) going out to my moms in the country.  Nothing fancy and pretty traditional to say the least but spending the day with my favorite people: my kids, mom, and sister & her family is what I look forward to.  After a long and weary winter we are ready for bbq’s and planting flowers.  A great kickoff to summer is Mother’s Day weekend.  Ok, Memorial Day is pretty fab too but let’s fess up moms love to be talked about all day long.  Showered with cards and gifts of appreciation make the day pretty special each year.  I remember my 1st Mother’s Day 9 years ago and I must say, 4 kids later I couldn’t enjoy this day more.  So here are some of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Traditional Gifts:


Chocolate.  It’s no lie us women love us some comfort indulgence and no one makes it better than Fannie May.  Well, maybe Vosges Haut-Chocolat and right now enjoy 2 Free Mini Exotic Candy Bars with $50 spent.


Our classic collection is filled with mom’s favorites: Pixies, buttercreams, Trinidads and much more.  Any mom would be thrilled to receive this as a gift…It is beautifully wrapped in floral paper with a special Happy Mother’s Day band.

+ right now get free 2nd day shipping on all orders of $60 or more

Price: $22.99
Shop: Fannie May Mother’s Day Gifts

FOOD Baskets! has been on FabWon a few times and from experience can I just say “yum”.

Get $5 off right now for Mother’s Day using code: Mom5

Check out the Tea & Rose Gift Basket for $39.99 but use the $5 off for great savings!


Next up we have what I like to call the MOST traditional and repeated gift to give on Mother’s Day: flowers

Whether you buy them online in a vase at or OR at Home Depot, Ace Hardware or your favorite nursery in town options are endless.  However, my fav is always the trusted hanging basket.

Prices vary by carriers & packaging and flower types.

Visit your favorite florist for a show stopping gift for that special flower lover in your life.  Or shop FTD the flower experts for 25% off Mother’s Day Floral Sale.  Or get 20% off coupon now with


Jewelry, like you didn’t know that was coming up soon.  A very safe bet for those men picking out gifts for small children.  “Let’s go to the jewelry section”.  But my favorite is the mother’s rings and necklaces and in recent years those items have come into a whole new fashion category with stack-able rings and charm necklaces and bracelets.

BambooPink has a cute Mother Pendent Charm in Silver for $29.  I also enjoy Birthstone Eternity Stackable Rings at Amazon for $26 each.  I reviewed for Pretty Peacock a year ago and I still think their customized stamped jewelry takes the cake for best in style.


These rings run starting at $86 per ring which may seem a little pricey but I gave my mom one last year and she wears it daily and is very sensitive to certain jewelry.  So, in this case it’s worth it.  You can also add a short phrase or name on the back.

And Layla Grayce offers this Silhouette Locket for $34 you can pick out the Silhouette’s from their large style options.

Shop Layla Grayce for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



Unique Gift Ideas

Make your mama scream with really thought this through!

One of my favorite new websites that I say “man I wish I would have thought of that” is Blurb.  The website that allows you to make a book of your life, your child’s life, or just plain be creative and be your own author and take the story to the next level: print.

Shop Blurb and Create Your Own Story For Mother’s Day and use this 20% off coupon code for YOU my readers to enjoy more savings this Mother’s Day.  Save 20% On Your Entire Order (Code NEWBLURB).  And with prices starting at $12.95 for 20-40 pages in softcover there is no reason not to start now!

Mommy & Me Aluminum Bottles>>>

I have some Personalized Aluminum Bottles by Sigg from Cafe Press.  I love these bottles for workouts, on the go, and days at the pool and park.  ps this is really fun to design to try to control yourself.  Putting a pic of yourself on a bottle not your cup of tea? No prob, just pick one of their other fabulous designs and you can add MOM OF THE YEAR to it.

Priced pretty pleasant at $26

Shop Cafe Press Sigg Customized Aluminum Bottles

Breakfast in Bed for Mommy

Yes, I’ll admit it I have yet to have breakfast in bed.  And just to be clear I don’t care to receive cookware for Mother’s Day,,,yes I love cookware and vacuum cleaners and aprons but let’s not remind me of the work I need to start doing tomorrow.  This Breakfast in Bed Table is a perfect idea not just for a gift but as a generous gesture.  Mother’s like to be served as well.  Even if your kids gum up some scary looking pancake and egg mixture topped off with chocolate syrup.  CSN Stores have a great selection of over 200+ stores and items to choose from for Mother’s Big Day.


Mom Slippers – Pom Pom

A basket full of Mop Slippers make the perfect touch to greet your friends at the front door. A great way to save your floors on a rainy day and warm up the feet of your visitors. They are also a must for wet feet when getting out of the shower…(they will keep your feet and your floor dry) The mop slipper bottom is attached with Velcro for easy cleaning. Pull off detachable mop bottom to wash, or wash the entire slipper. Beautiful aqua and green color combination. Choose “Pompom” or “Welcome” embellishment. The slippers come in a aqua mesh bag.

Our Mop Slipper Motto:
“The more friends you invite over…. the cleaner your house will be”.

Shop: Jillie Willie for more fun and unique ideas for MOM.  on Sale now for $19.50

A new video camcorder to capture all of the mama moments and pre-record your kids message to the special mom. Flip is the camera I have and LOVE it.  So easy to carry in purse or pocket and fast to transfer to computer and upload to  Get the 2nd Generation on Sale now at Amazon for $109.

Flip MinoHD Video Camera – Brushed Metal, 8 GB, 2 Hours (2nd Generation)
$109.99 + free super savings discount (details on


Customized products for Mother’s Day are pretty huge this year.  And not just because I sell it :)  You can personalize and really put a piece of your heart into each gift you create.
At Rendi the frame pictured at right can be customized to say what you want, pick from 4 colors, and add quotes right there from their quote library.  R3005 is on Sale now for $34.95, pictured >>>  + upload your own pic and they will ship it, and what I love about this frame is the clip to easily interchange or keep a cluster of photo’s together.  Measuring 12″w x 12″h x 5/8″d makes it a large center piece and great gift for Mother’s Day.


$5 off orders $50 or more



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