Lapin Vilardi’s Bikini Bags {Review}


Now that summer is upon us (okay, okay- so technically its not here yet but close!), I start packing up my bag and heading to to the pool or beach. I love taking the kids to our local pool but I HATE trying to deal with wet swimsuits on the way home. That’s why I was so excited to find Lapin Vilardi and their stylish and very functional bikini bags! These bags are sleek and not too large, so they easily fit in your beach tote. When its time to leave and you want to ditch the wet suit, simply toss it in your bikini bag and you are ready to go. No more worrying about a wet suit getting on your book or magazine. This bag protects your valuables for you- all while looking pretty stylishall on its own. Lapin Vilardi offers a variety of patterns for your bikini bag from ones with an extra water proof exterior to ones that just offer the inside lining to be water proofed.

Lapin Vilardi has a huge selection of other very useful travel pieces for you to make your summer getaway a little easier. Take a look at this gorgeous lingerie bag which is actually their breast cancer awareness pattern.

If you really want to coordinate, most patterns are available in a variety of their products.

You can even get boot or shoe bags to protect your clothing or to use as a dust bag for your closet. Do you have the beloved handbag that never came with its own dust cover or you lost it? You can get one at Lapin Vilardi, too!


I was sent my own bikini bag in one of my favorite patterns, Il Duomo.  The bag is really gorgeous in person and while it is on the small side, it can fit a one piece as well as a bikini (I already tested them both out!) so don’t fret if you were wanting one for your tankini or one piece. I went with a pattern that doesn’t have the water proof outside, only because I really like the look of the fabric instead. I’m sure after a few trips to the pool and beach I’ll be wishing I had the plastic on the outside, too. I have to say I’m impressed with the quality of this bag, its well made and you can tell it will easily withstand a summer of use (and then some) with no problem. So throw away those old plastic grocery bags you were using for those wet suits and get yourself one of these bikini bags. I think you’ll thank me later.

Where to buy: Lapin Vilardi

Cost: $28.00

I was not paid to write this post, these are my honest opinions. I did however receive the item mentioned above at no cost  to me.


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