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Lookin’ for dreams to build this summer with your kids at home.  My house is FULL and we are looking for ways to entertain and stay outdoors.  From star gazing at  night in the backyard to ice cream socials on the porch and don’t for get the pizza parties (all toppings accepted).  Each activity only lasts a day and you know how many days my kids are out of school? (me either, but it’s a lot)  One thing my kids always talk about is the classic lemonade stand.  As great as your imagination is to take any ‘ol box,  flip it over, and magic mark in the words “lemonade for .10″ can create a fabulous snack shack that all the neighbors will be running to (and buying from).


Build A Dream Playhouse sent us their Snack Shack to “build” and create our own stand of our liking.  Now, what started out as a cool summer project for the kids kinda exploded into a passion of my own.  What? I never had this when I was a kid and I wanted to help!  What I love best about this Snack Shack is you can create a lemonade stand, ice cream shoppe, cookies corner, hotdog stand, or whatever your little dreams desire (your kids dreams that is, ahem)

Is it possible building the dream is just as fun as living it?  I think more so!  Let your kids have a hand in creating and they may just appreciate that craft more.

Customers?  Who needs ’em when we have each other?!

I don’t remember serving up such fun when I was a kid.  Can anyone say mud tacos?  I had a cousin that actually ate one when we were kids (and yes WE got in trouble for that).  I found these cool store brand cups at Target and sliced a lemon to add.  My daughter also had the idea of selling gummie’s.  I think I’m loosing my butt on the .05 gummies, just sayin’.

These 3 didn’t really worry to much about customers.  Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer are no more with a flip of the straw and a “yes, sir can I help you” these 3 are going to be busy.  Picture me on the porch swing, feet up, and being served lemonades at my convenience.  Now THIS is summertime fun!

How Fabulous?

Ok, so you’ve seen the photo’s, read some bad jokes, and now you want to know how this all works, right?

First, you need to get all the pieces out of the box (it comes flat..don’t be scared, but you do have to assemble!).  My Snack Shack came with some awesome directions that show you which ABCDEF (ect ect) goes where.  I call these the women’s directions.  But before you throw in the hammer (as if there are tools involved..not so much) watch this short video showing how to assemble.

Snack Shack assembly! from Build a Dream Playhouses on Vimeo.


Snack Shack assembly! from Build a Dream Playhouses on Vimeo.

Next, after your creation is all set up and ready you’ll want to snag some paint. You can let your kids use crayons or markers but paint is so much easier. I had 5 mini paint cans that I never got around to using for a ‘craft’ of my own. This worked out perfect + I just painted my bathroom yellow and had a TON left over. So I encourage you to dig around your paint stash and find a cheap way to make it work.  My Snack Shack came with outlined bricks so you can follow the design but you have the option to NOT as well.  Just paint whatever you want on are the creator!

Finally, draw a logo on your Snack Shack, a name, and don’t forget your menu.  We are going to try to use chalkboard paint on our menu so that work is pending right now.  Also my son is making our logo’s so that finished project is ..well, not finished.  After the paint is dry your kids can use their imaginations and play pretend, break out the snacks, or set up shop at a local garage sale.

Build A Dream Playhouse offers more than just a Snack Shack.  You can visit their website and view their all their products including the awesome Imagine Wagon™.

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Build A Dream Playhouse is offering one (1) Fabulous Won reader their choose of playhouse.  How awesome is that?  Very!

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Disclosure: Thanks to Build A Dream Playhouses for providing this Snack Shack for review at no cost to me.  I was not paid to post and my opinions are honest.  Build A Dream Plahouses is responsible for shipping and shipping fee’s of this prize.  Winner will be drawn via And The Winner Is plugin at random.  All winners have 48hrs to claim prize.  This giveaway is for US residents onlyEnds July 15th at midnight est.

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