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What makes you crazy for babies?  Getting to buy tiny Baby Clothes.  I know.  It’s exhilarating and besides the excitement of milestones and poopie diapers for the next 2 or 3 years nothing beats a good shopping spree for a new babe.  When I found out my first was a boy the only reason I hoped for a girl is for shopping purposes.  So, after having 2 boys and 2 girls I now understand how much easier and cheaper boys are.  I still love to dress up my girls for tea parties, Christmas, school, park, all the time really.  MyBabyClothes.com offers some cute unique finds for children.  If the word tutu wasn’t cute enough coming out of your 2 year old’s little pout mouth then her wearing it will surely melt your heart and soul.  And just when you thought tutus were just for picture day or costume dress up..think again ladies.  I see girls at church wearing tutu’s with striped leggings and long sleeved shirts.  None of it matches and all of it I love.   Whether it’s picture day with the family or tea with grandma tutus have multiple purposes all resulting in cuteness.

Coming in second, shortly after clothing, was the teetering obsession with filling my home with as many hair accessories for my little bundle as possible.  When Belle was born she was blessed with thick long-ish hair.   From Baby Headbands to barrettes, Baby Hats, you name it and it’s in the bathroom drawer upstairs.  My daughters both have long hair as well so there is always need for a elastic band, headband, or bow you really can’t have enough.

So you have your cute baby, dresses and tutus, headbands and hats, now you need some boots for that baby …that ain’t walkin’ yet, praise the Lord.  I couldn’t wait for my 1st to walk then I realized it takes them 11 or more months to walk and 2 weeks from that point they learn to run (usually from you).  Next you can’t wait for them to talk and yep you guessed it ..you spend the next 15 years trying to get them to sit still and be quiet.

My Baby Clothes offers some great boots for walking babies ..and none walking tots as well.  I picked out the Baby Deer Walking White Crock Boot and if that wasn’t a mouthful I sum it up as: cutie.

My 3 year old can wear these for our Christmas pictures and she loves them.  She is the child of mine that loves…LOVES fashion.  She’s sassy too.  I enjoy this boot with its winter white color and glitter to shine for the Holidays.  The sole is sturdy and has grips for non-slipping.  I also appreciate the tie at the top of boot for securing out cold and snow.

Price: $23.99


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MyBabyClothes.com is offering one (1) Fabulous Won reader a $25 GC.  US only and must be 18+ to enter.  Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter.  Ends 12/02 at 12 am pst.
Disclosure: I received product for review at no cost to me. My opinions are honest and I was not paid to post.

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