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Do you ever have the issue of missing socks in your household? We do, after each load of laundry we have at least one sock that doesn’t have a match. It becomes pretty annoying, but I’ve developed a system so that I can usually match them up again when I find its mate. If you don’t have the same luck I do, no worries because LittleMissMatched is for you! They actually prefer that you have miss matched socks, so that you don’t have to spend your mornings searching for that perfect pair. If you’ve bought socks for holiday gifts in the past, this brings a fun new twist to your gift. Take a look at some of their styles…

The best part about LittleMissMatched’s socks is that a pair is actually three socks! How much fun is that to get 3 socks that all are similar but really not a pair. It makes getting dressed for your kids a fun time, huh?


They aren’t just for kids though, they have a whole line of women’s and mens socks, too! I really like these striped ones for my husband.

They also carry a cute infant and toddler line of socks, too. This is the 6 pack of toddler socks in Candy.

LittleMissMatched also has clothing including pajamas. These pajamas come with a set of coordinating socks, too. I love that you can get a full night time outfit for someone, now add a mug and hot chocolate and you have  a great gift!

I receive to sets of socks to try out for myself. I received the Zany Black Knee High set and the Zany Multi-Striped Knee High set. Both sets are knee highs, which are great for me this time of year. I love to wear them with my boots when I wear tights or even under my jeans. They are really soft and comfortable to wear, too. I do have to say though, I am a very organized person that prefers things to match and be in order. SO when these arrived I did have a moment of feeling a little uneasy. lol

Would you like to try out a few sets for yourself?

Little Miss Matched is giving away a bundle of sets of women’s socks to 3 lucky readers!!

I was not paid to write this review, I did however receive the items mentioned above at no cost to me.


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