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I’m seeing two 20’s but not everyone is.  In fact 2 out of 6 people in my household need glasses.  On a sour note most American’s either can’t afford eye glasses from a doctors office and/or do not have insurance to cover some of the cost.  Do I think you should skip your opto visit?  Heck no, my aunt and best friend work there, but you do have options on where to buy your prescription glasses.   GlassesUSA offer 110% lowest prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When you order glasses at GlassesUSA you’ll receive the same  high quality frames and lenses you deserve.   My favorite part of the great deals at this website is you can buy multiple frames to keep you fresh and fashionable with any wardrobe.

My favorite pair of eyeglasses are the Reece Jakob pictured at right.  These frames go great with the fashion trends right now and I’m thinking: wear plaid.  I also fashionable fell in frame love with iSee 025 Tortoise.  At this point I’m wishing my genetics were a tad more sucky than they are.  I want to look fancy face too!   There is even a “vintage/nerdy style” category..ugh must love.

My mom has glasses and owns 3 pairs..I think.  Point is…I love how she matches her frames to her mood and style.  If she’s having a sweatshirt day, it’s the brown frames; dressing up for dinner out, slip on the black pair.  GlassesUSA also offers designer name brand like Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, and Calvin Klein.

Early Holiday Sale:
Take 30% off any pair of glasses and get FREE US shipping with the code Holiday2011. Basic single vision lenses included and upgrades are available for an additional cost.
Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10

Visit to view the entire fabulous frame line and use the deals above to save even more.


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