JasperLilly {Review}


This fall, the mister and I got ourselves a new bedroom set. The set we settled on (I say that because we really couldn’t agree on anything!) was a completely new look for us. With the new look, we decided it was time to actually decorate our bedroom. Since we moved into our house last March, we’ve been neglecting our bedroom. The first thing we wanted was to find a gorgeous frame to put a family photo above our bed. I immediately thought of JasperLilly and their fabulous choices.

We really wanted something large above our bed so it could be the focal point of our room. After debating on the best size, decided on a 16×20 frame. I wanted it to be a color that would work as an accent in our room, so I went with a gold/yellow color called Tiger’s Eye. When my frame arrived, I was so happy to see how securely it was packaged, to ensure no damages. I’ve received frames in the past and I’ve learned what makes them better then others. I love that Jasperlilly’s frames have the small wall protectors on the back, so stop your frame from scraping against the wall. These frames are made solid and the space for the photo is cut perfectly to fit my photo. I’ve had problems with sizing of past frames not fitting what size they stated they would, which caused me to have to trim my photo (something I hate having to do!). This was definitely not the case with Jasperlilly! I was very pleased with my experience with Jasperlilly and plan to get more frames from them in the near future.

To Buy: JasperLilly

Photos are courtesy of JasperLilly, Brenda Malpedo Photography and Treasured Memories Photography.


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