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On February 9, 2012, renowned celebrity hair stylist Cesar Ramirez joined forces with Katie Gallagher as Lead Hairstylist for the designer’s Fall/Winter 2012 Presentation. The look was simply primal.
Cesar drew upon Gallagher’s “Silent Soil” idea. “The look for the season is all about this organic woman, almost in an isolated Norse feminine world, and all her self-expression and power comes from her connection to the earth.”

The hair reflects that vision. Cesar created shapes reminiscent of the forms found in the woods. The hair is swept to the sides and held in the back in weavings that evoke tree branches and roots. The front is disheveled, twisted to give the effect of patterns that abound in the forest. Overall, the hair has an intricate pattern with a soft finish, like something you would see in nature. The result is a cerebral reinterpretation of wildlife.











STEP 1 – Begin by spritzing the hair with the Davines Defining Texturizer.  Then blow dry to create volume and part a horseshoe section at the top of your head.
STEP 2 – Brush the rest of the hair to the back of the head and pin it with Bobby pins; twisting and pinning the hair down like a vertical twist bun.

STEP 3 – Tease the root of the hair at the horseshoe section.
STEP 4 – At the front hairline, create about 4 sub-sections, bend the hair, and pin it down.  Leave the remaining hair in one section and bend and pin it.

STEP 5 – Once all of the hair is pinned down, spray with Davines Defining Invisible Hairspray and pull at the hair slightly to create messy fly away texture.













press info provided by: courtney | tractenberg & co and

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