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What’s better than the warm of the sun on a beach during Spring Break?  Cold hard cash and Free swimsuits..that’s WHAT!  Not going anywhere will be fun for us who will be throwing around cash, shopping, and trying on our new swimsuits.  Ok, so sure the drinks with the little umbrella’s served by photoshop looking men sure doesn’t sound too shabby but thinking about my pale legs and empty pocket book isn’t appealing.  So, if you want to join this giveaway blog hop event hosted by, moi Fabulous Won I just need some info..oh and a few bucks to make it happen.  What you get in return?  Some social traffic, high five, and chance to win a $25 paypal cash for recruiting the most bloggers. Oh, and we are capping at 125 bloggers so act like your fingers are on fire and get clickin’.

The Prizes: Multiple Swimsuits and Giftcards + a Cash Giveaway determined by amount of bloggers participating).  The Blogger who refers the most people to join will win a $25 PayPal Cash gift.  Sweet!

The Host: Fabulous Won

Details: We looking for 125 bloggers to participate in this Spring Break Blogger Beach Party.

It is optional to find swimsuit companies to work with and offer a giveaway on your blog, but would be a fun feature so try and reach out to your favorite swimwear contacts and let them know about this event.

We will be using Rafflecopter to generate entries.

I just need you to post with this code on your blog to generate buzz and start out:



You can copy/past this info and place the button on your blog post.

Party Dates: March 26-30 Deadline to Join: March 23, 2012  Info will be sent on: Friday, March 23rd

Fill out this Form to Join

Cost: $5.00 to join and that includes ONE social media link, plus $2.00 for additional social links Payment may be sent to: babysmamatimes3@yahoo.com via PayPal and sent as a GIFT or you will be charged a service fee.  Please put your [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Blog Name and Email[/highlight] in the Message section when sending payment.

Social Media Links to consider: Facebook Page, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Email signup

Please note: Giveaway sign-ups will end on Friday, March 23th.   I will email you the Rafflecopter widget, blog blurb html for the event to post and a huge THANKS for joining on Saturday, March 24th.


Swim Sponsors:

Teeki Swimwear

Cowgirl Top and Bottoms for giveaway


$85 Giftcode to use online


Offering 2: Women’s swimsuit and Men’s swimsuit


Offering one Women’s swimsuit of choice

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    Awesome Kelsey, I’m sure everyone will be excited to enter this giveaway..cash, Teeki, what more can you want? A free car would be nice 😉

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    Hi Beth. I hate to ask but I forgot to get signed up for the event and I know the cut off was the 16th.. But if you have room for one more I would be happy to join :) Jessica

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