Review: Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System

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I have dish pan hands.  My mom made (MADE) me start cleaning dishes (by hand) when I was 7, and a wild number of years later here I am.  Ugly hands, still blaming mom.  Yes, it’s good she taught be to clean up after myself.  Yes, I have taken these life lessens with me.  Yes, I bring it up often.  I’m looking down at these busy hands right now wishing there would have been rubber gloves involved.  Smart women use rubber gloves.  Smart women moisturize every night.  Smart women (and men, they do dishes too right? mine does) choose a hand soap that takes CARE of their hands.  If care doesn’t attract your attention how about convenience?

The No-Touch Kitchen System was ideally created for the Mission for Health initiative by Lysol and being applauded by households all around.  Food preparation and bare hands can be a breeding ground for bacteria and e-coli so taking the proper steps to keep you and your family safe are key.


  • When starting to prepare a meal make sure the surface is cleaned properly with a new cloth or paper towel and a product cleaner that offers at least 99% germ killer.
  • Wash hands clean after touching raw meats and eggs and clean those utensils separately or in dishwasher at high temps.
  • Always clean the area when done as soon as possible.  Little hands can be lurking near and touch an unclean surface behind your back.


On average, kitchens are cleaned more than 400 times a year and studies have shown that the bottles used to clean the kitchen area may be soiled and heavily contaminated with germs, potentially causing cross contamination.  The NTKS will help prevent against that because of its no-touch feature and all-in-one solution.

What Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System is capable of:

  • Powers through grease on dishes
  • Cleans tough messes on surfaces
  • Kills bacteria on hands as it gently cleanses them


The starter kits are available in Sparkling Tangerine and Shimmering Berry.

Refills are available in 3 great scents: Sparkling Tangerine, Shimmering Berry, Sunkissed Lemon.

Kit Includes:

One dispenser, one 8.5oz refill and three AA batteries

Review: I have used the Lysol No-Touch Hand System prior to this review and enjoyed the convenience and always Lysol’s germ killing duties.  I like that I can wash my hands without harsh dish detergent feel and also use to fill the sink for another episode of ‘mom does the cooking, dishes, and cleaning’.

To learn more about this great product or to buy visit

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost to me to facilitate this review.  I was not paid or persuaded to post and my opinions are honest.

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    It probably wouldn’t hurt, but I can tell you what we had to do by law in the daycare I worked – we had to wash the toys in a bleach solution (like 1/4 cup of bleach in a sinkful of water) rinse them eith clear water and the toys had to then be air dried. I am sure they have to be more careful than the average person, but you can do this worry – free. Good luck! Enjoy that baby!
    Lucille recently posted..The Secret Life of a Clothing Shopaholic

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