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Here at Fabulous Won, we decided to start a new segment for our readers on Mondays called “Photo Mom Mondays”. Now let me say this, if you aren’t a mom PLEASE still join in! Don’t feel that this is all for “moms only”, its really going to be for anyone that’s interested in photography. Whether you’ve been doing it for years and maybe considering starting your own business or if this is your first that you’ve considered using a camera that offers you manual settings.

Every Monday, we plan to bring you new information to help you improve your photography skills. Whether its just learning how to take your camera off of “auto” or helping you find resources that help improve the look of your photos. We plan to cover it all for you. Of course, along the way we’ll be offering discounts, reviews and giveaways too! So sit back, grab your camera and let’s dig in.

DSLR VS. Point-and-Shoot Camera

Using a DSLR Camera can be over-whelming. Now, if you aren’t using a DSLR yet but are planning on making the upgrade soon, you will find this information helpful once you do get your new camera. If you are still on the fence about making the investment on a DSLR and still cling to your old point-and-shoot camera, take a look at this post helping you see the pros and cons of both.

When first getting off of “auto” mode, trying to take your fancy DSLR camera and change it to manual settings can seems daunting. I know for me, when I got my first DSLR (Canon Rebel) I actually used the old green hollowed out square (aka: AUTO) for all of my photos. As I began to read up on how to actually benefit from using manual settings, I started to experiment and caught on fairly quickly to how it all goes together. There are three areas known as the “Exposure Triangle” to consider when trying to use your camera with manual settings: ISO, F-Stop (or aperture), and Shutter speed. We will dive into each separately as we continue our Photo Mom Mondays.

Here’s a quick definition of each for you along with a link to Digital Photography School’s post that they came from.

ISO Settings:
In traditional (film) photography ISO (or ASA) was the indication of how sensitive a film was to light. It was measured in numbers (you’ve probably seen them on films – 100, 200, 400, 800 etc). The lower the number the lower the sensitivity of the film and the finer the grain in the shots you’re taking. Taken from Digital Photography School.

Aperture (also referred to as F-Stops) is ‘the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken’. Taken from Digital Photography School.

Shutter Speed:
the amount of time that the shutter is open. Digital Photography School

We will spend time talking about each part of the Exposure Triangle in the weeks to come! If you are a photographer and have any times for us, please feel free to email me directly (jamiedelight@gmail at com) and we may choose to feature you.


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