Kidorable Coupon Codes

Lotus options now on discount at Kidorable.  Receive cash off these Lotus items below:

Coupon Code: [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Kidorableflower4[/highlight]

$4.00 off the purchase of a Kidorable Lotus Hooded Towel

Coupon Code: [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Kidorableflower3[/highlight]
$2 off a Kidorable Lotus umbrella

Coupon Code: [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Kidorableflower2[/highlight]
Save $4 on the pruchase of Kidorable’s Lotus Flower Boots

Coupon Code: [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Kidorableflower1[/highlight]
$10 Kidorable Lotus Flower Set

Just click on the link above to the deal you want and you will be redirected to Kidorable then just add the item to your cart, add the Kidorable coupon code and enjoy your savings.

All codes expire: 4/30/12

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