Fabulous Won – Photo Mom Mondays – Gary Fong’s Origami Flash Diffuser

Photo Mom Mondays – Gary Fong’s Origami Flash Diffuser

Jamie April 30, 2012 0
Photo Mom Mondays – Gary Fong’s Origami Flash Diffuser

Many photographers you talk to will tell you that low lit rooms or situations scare them to death. This is usually because the best lighting for photography is natural lighting. That is, until you can master the use of studio and “artificial” lighting needed to brighten a shot. I would say 98% of the time, I use natural lighting outside and even inside (hello large windows or doorways!). Every once in a while though, I need my speed light (external flash) for additional lighting. Since my speed light isn’t used as often as my flash, I still struggle with getting good shots using it. My speed light always brightens my shot and gives me more then enough light when I need it, but sometimes it over does it for my picture. If I don’t aim my flash to bounce correctly off the ceiling, I get unwanted shadows or extremely bright spots (where the flash bounced off my subject) on my image. That’s why a flash diffuser can be your best friend when you’re using your speed light. A diffuser does just that, it diffuses the flashes artificial light and gives your subject and image a more natural look.

Gary Fong is a great website to turn to if you are in need of a flash diffuser. They do carry a variety of flash diffusers that can attach to any speed light and help you and your images in a pinch. The flash diffuser I received was the Origami. This is the perfect diffuser if you are shooting a wedding or aren’t sure if you’re going to need a diffuser because the origami folds flat and can fit in your pocket. If you are like me, one less piece to have to try to squeeze into my camera bag is always a good thing!










Here’s what it looks like on a speed light:







The Origami is such a great piece to have with you, not only because it takes hardly any space but it also is so versatile. The Origami comes with two choices for the diffuser a white flap or an amber flap (for warmer images).  Take a look below at what a difference the Origami makes for your image.








What a difference this item can make if you need to use your speedlight a lot for photos. This piece is so easy to use, too and took literally 3 minutes to get set up and on my flash and that was only because I wanted to look at the direction/pictures to make sure I was attaching it correctly! The best part is, its not going to break the bank at under $30!

To Buy: Gary Fong

Cost: $29.95



I was not paid to write this post.  I did receive the item mentioned above at no cost to me for my honest review.


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