SMILE It’s Colgate Optic White Toothpaste Review + Win a Year’s Supply Giveaway

What is the consistant color of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter? ….white!  Yes, white teeth all year round is what most women and men seek from their toothpaste.  Now, call me no expert but white teeth don’t always come naturally.  Yes, mama’s gene’s did help (thanks, mom), but you have to CARE for your teeth with proper appointments, toothpaste, brush, floss, and rinse.  And if your feeling overwhelmed by this rest assured that with the right products it’s not only rewarding, it’s kinda awesome tasting too.

Warm weather is on the way (or it’s already arrived, depending on the weather near you), which inevitably means a little bit of spring cleaning around the house – including your bathroom. Get rid of all the clutter in your medicine cabinet and start fresh with the only product you’ll need to keep your pearly whites bright throughout the season – Colgate Optic White.

Using the same whitening ingredient as stripshydrogen peroxide—Optic White whitens teeth in just one week, and after a month of brushing, teeth will be three shades whiter! Other toothpastes only temporarily remove surface stains on teeth, but Colgate Optic White whitens teeth from the inside out, so they have a bright, lasting white.

Review: I love clean teeth.  I brush my teeth 3x a day and floss 2x.  I love to floss..and if you drive by me (not only wave hi but..) you will catch me flossing before work.  I take my floss on the go sometimes.  I REACH for my floss and get to town.  Ok, that sounded lame but in reality it’s true.  I floss on my way to work a) because I just drank a smoothie filled with seeds and b)I  love to floss and complete my clean mouth routine off right.  It’s an addiction really.  Not quite as severe as a shopping addiction or as dangerous as a smoking habit but it’s still difficult for me to skip out on, which in short means I’m addicted.  What I love about COLGATE OPTIC WHITE TOOTHPASTE is the foaming action that happens in my mouth.  You want a fantastic grab this tube.  It does whiten as well but I know from experience you have to do the WHOLE package to get the WHOLE whitness.  Does that make sense?  Use the proper toothbrush (oh I have a story on that one), floss, and whitening toothpaste for the ultimate in white teeth.  Here is a quickie story:  one night while brushing I said to myself (as my husband was behind me) something doesn’t seem toothpaste is not foaming up like usual (granted I had 2 glasses of wine in me).  I take the brush out and guess who’s it was.  Yep, not mine!  It was HIS.  I freaked out (because I’m a recovering germ-a-phob that still has issues) and started crying.  HE got really really mad and took offense to me crying because I used his toothbrush.  So not only did I go to bed that night feeling germy and somehow violated but my husband was po’d at me.  Ok, end of story.
You can find out more about Colgate Optic White products here.
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