Modify Watches {Review & Discount!}

I’m loving the bright trend for accessories. I especially love wearing a pop of color on my wrist. I’ve got tons of fun bangles and bracelets, but I was in search of a great watch that could make a statement, too. That’s when I found Modify Watches. These fabulous inter-changeable watches can be purchased in sets (one or more faces and a set of bands to switch up the look) or you can build your own watch. I love the endless choices! I also really like the idea of a rubber wrist band. I’ve been seeing a lot of watches lately that have the look of rubber but are actually ceramic or another material. Actual rubber means they are durable and recently Modify Watches became water resistant, too. You can’t beat that!

Take a look at a few fun Modify Watches I designed, I love that they give you a name for each you design:

Milk Mustache

Green Sublime

The Modfather



Modiy also has the ModiSpirit collection where you can show your spirit with your teams colors.

Aaron, from Modify Watches was kind enough to send me a couple bands and a face for me to try out. I spent a good 1/2 hour trying to decide which bands/face combos I really wanted because there were so many fabulous choices! I finally settled on a white face with a pink and a green strap (in the Classic style). I love how easy these bands are to change out from one color to the other. They definitely hold the watch face securely in place and since they are rubber, it forms right around it and is flexible. I chose the larger of the two size watches because I really like the look of a larger watch on my wrist. If you’d prefer the more slender watch, check out their Mini collection.


 Modify Watches is offering 20% off their watches for one day only by using “Modify Won” at check out (good through May 8th)!

Deal: Use your Modify Watches 20% off coupon code: [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Modify Won [/highlight] and hurry because it expires 5/8/12 (tomorrow)

To Buy: Modiy Watches

Cost: $40



I was not paid to write this post. I did receive the items mentioned above at no cost to me for my honest review.


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