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If you love to photograph newborns or are aspiring to be a newborn photographer, then you need to check out CreaTive DesiGn Props. Sunni is the mind-behind this fun Etsy shop and she puts extra love and care into each item she designs and makes. In fact, all of her bedding is hand stitched by her mom so its extra special! CreaTive DesiGns has a huge selection of newborn beds, nightstands (to match the newborn bed, how adorable?!), benches, and much more. If you are tired of just doing baskets for your sleeping newborns, then why not try out something like this…

Classic Antique White Bed

 Anitque Midnight Black Bed

Sunni doesn’t just offer props for newborns, take a look at this gorgeous bench!

Sunni sent me one of her newest items to review and use with my last newborn session. I couldn’t have been more excited because this newborn was my new niece! The bed and nightstand she sent me was the Anitque Sunset  Yellow Classic Complete bed set. I was extremely impressed with the packing on this large piece. It arrived in a very big box and was securely wraped inside and protected from stratches or damage between the bed and nightstand really well. The bed is a very nice, heavy wood and looks amazing in person. The paint job is gorgeous as well, with a bright yellow that’s been “weathered” nicely to give it that antique look. The tiny nightstand is so precious, what a perfect piece to help complete any newborn photo. The set does not come with a mattress, but if you would like one they are sold as well on CreaTive DesiGn Props site. If not, you can do like I did and simply add a blanket folded onto the bed to appear as the mattress. I absolutely love this yellow, its bright and is such a versatile color for either a boy or girl. I think if you are looking for a bed to try out or start with, this yellow is a perfect first choice.

Sunni is offering free shipping if you mention Fabulous Won in your comments when checking out!

To Buy: CreaTive DesiGn ProPs

Cost: $185 for set (bed & night table)

I was not paid to write this post. I did receive the items mentioned above at no cost to me for an honest review.


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