Easy and Affordable Barbeque Food Options for Summer: Private Selection


Forget the potato chip fights and grab some attention from your guests with these Private Selection choice items, Sea Salt + Fresh Ground Pepper anyone?

Recipe for Moroccan Burgers with Mint-Pepper Glaze

I favor the Pita Chips with Sea Salt, Gouda Cheese Pre-Sliced, Med. Garden Salsa, and many other Private Selection options.  I had the opp to try Private Selection pies, I choose Crumb Apple Pie.  Duh, why not.  I also grabbed the Angus Ground Beef for making burgers.  Check out the recipe above for a mouth-watering and unique take on the American classic.

My Review: I love Private Selection packaging, high quality products, and premium tastes.  I thought at first when I saw PS at Kroger that it was a store brand or less value option.  I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.  That in fact, happens a lot.  I started buying their garden salsa (wildly addictive) then onto their Gouda cheese and recently be-friended the Pita Chips I found by default<<as in I looked down on the bottom chip shelf and spied it’s beautiful package.  It was .50 cents cheaper than Earth’s Eden..or something named like that so I put down THAT bag and grabbed the PS Pita Chips with Sea Salt.

Addiction in full force.

Just when I thought my food palate was topped out they sent me Sea Salt + Fresh Ground Pepper chips.  Hum..new love for all things salty on radar.

Mkay, then they sent me a free pie and free Angus Ground Beef coupon.  Cashier was jealous.  Then I found my go-to brand for pies.  Could have saved grammy some time off in the kitchen if they had these back in the day.

Feeling like an all star in the kitchen, yo.

No need to have a pile of dirty dishes or hot kitchen on a steamy summer day.  Just pick up some of Private Selection choice items and keep cool and easy recipes this summer.

To see more items they carry visit Kroger.

Oh no I forgot to tell you they have ICE CREAM.  I know..sometimes I leave out the most important details.  We tried their ice cream a month ago..some devilishly divine chocolate concoction.  It was brilliant.  Didn’t last long either.  Empty bowls, empty container.  Happy family.


 Disclosure: I received items via BuzzAgent Campaigns to share with my family and friends.  I did not receive cash compensation for this review and I was not persuaded to post.  My opinions are honest and my own.

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