Best Skincare Products for Summer 2012: Estrea Skincare Giveaway

You read about it all the time.

Sun will ruin your skin.

Flip side: You need Vitamin D and some sun is healthy for you.

Ugh..and you thought dieting was difficult.

Your standing in Walgreen’s fronting 3 rows deep of skincare products and they all say the same thing: BEST WRINKLE DEFENSE, BEST HYDRATING.

At some point you ain’t buying them apples anymore and you are in no mood for trial and error.  Your 30/40/50 years young and not sure what really does work, and work for YOUR skin.

Science and Nature in Harmony. The Estrea anti-aging skin care system is a unique Hungarian blend of elements combined to create a rejuvenating skin care regimen. Its proven regenerating effects have made it a success with women of all generations.


  • Hydrating Body Lotion with Olive Oil, Ceramide & Coffee
  • Tightening & Replenishing Face & Neck Cream with Olive Oil, Coffee & Hyaluron
  • Hydrating Hand Cream with Olive Oil & Citrus Extract
  • Refreshing Foot Balm with Chestnut and Mint

Since its proven success in the mid 90s, Estrea’s Skin Care System has been the number one choice of European women. Now, for the first time, the Estrea product line is available to the U.S. market, so that American women can experience the benefits of Estrea’s unique European Skin Care System.

Estrea’s twelve cleansing and moisturizing products for the face, hands, body and feet, bring together modern science and the restorative properties of nature to create a rejuvenating skin care regimen.

The line’s most popular products, the fast-absorbing hand lotions and creams, have been proven to promote fingernail growth.

The natural ingredients in Estrea include aloe vera, collagen, coffee, olive oil, citrus extracts, chestnut and Vitamins A, C, E and F.
Fabulous View: I received the items list above for review.  During my pre-teen- to young adult life I was a germ-a-phobic.  You know me, the mom you see tackle a 3 year old in middle of the park playground just to get a rock out of their child’s mouth, they so curiously wanted to taste.  When I was young and lived with my parents with this problem I would have to use some Corn Husk brand jelly accompanied with some white gloves each night during my slumber.  I wish I could say I was as glamorous as Michael Jackson with gloves, but I wasn’t.  It was just me, afraid to touch anything and over cleaning and ruining my hands in the return.  After a few more kids and the overwhelming filth of life I got over it.  Big time.  There are days when I don’t shower.  I envision the words REBEL coming to mind.  Ok, Estrea Skincare.  Ya, it’s good.  And here is why:

Body: The Hydrating Lotion with Olive Oil Cermaide & Coffee is very light and easy to apply.  Often times I skip lotion after my shower because I don’t have time or want the thick layer of film it leaves on my skin.  Can you say hello Snakeskin?  It smells very clean and crisp.  Not a trace of over scented perfumes.

Hand: Hydrating Cream with Olive Oil & Citrus Extract reminds me of spa day.  The scent is rich and comforting.  You feel luxe and well taken care of.  Now if I could just tune out the kids fighting in the next room this would be a good time.  This feels a tad heavier than the Body Hydrating Lotion but still without overdoing it.

Foot:  Refreshing Balm with Chestnut & Mint is just as relaxing as you’re imagining it to be right about now.  It feels a lot like the hand cream as far as creaminess but with a pleasant scent that makes you forget your 12 hrs of standing.  I imagine floating on clouds.  Ok, so that’s a stretch but it is in fact heavenly.

Face & Neck: Tightening & Replenishing Cream with Olive Oil Coffee & Hyaluron.  Yes that is a mouthful..but is it a value-ful?  I’m pretty picky about what goes on my face as I can breakout just by looking at a chocolate bar.  Who said acne is just for adolescents?  So, alas, I tested on my neck first to make sure it passed the Beth Skin Test.  It did.

I started wondering if I loved the products for who they are or for their added Coffee ingredient.  I do believe all skincare and creams/lotions/balms are created differently and Estrea is proving to be a high quality product.

If you don’t believe me try it for yourself.  Visit Estrea now and see what luxury skin awaits you.

Win: One Fabulous Won reader will win  1 Body Care Set, pictured above.

Details:  You must fill out the Rafflecopter below by signing in via Facebook or using your first name and email (it’s only has eyes for me).  Contest is NOT affiliated with Facebook and Facebook is not responsible for the prize.  This contest ends 6/18/12 at 11:59pm est.  Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter random draw and has 48hrs to claim prize.  In the event the winner does not respond a new winner will be drawn at random.  No purchase necessary to win.  US only entries only, must be 18 years or older to enter.   I did not receive compensation for this post, however I did receive free product for my honest review.

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own.

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