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Now that we’re spending our days outside or at the community pool, I’m always reaching for the sunscreen. We’ve already gone through a full spray bottle for my kids, but I am really awful about taking care of my own skin. I’m really trying to make a better effort this year, but its always been so hard because once I get my kids covered, they try to run away on me. I really need something convenient and fast. Lucky for me, I found Peter Thomas Roth.

This amazing company carries a huge selection of great products from anti-aging, bath & body to sun protection. I first found them after seeing someone else at a park using their mineral brush sunscreen and I had to know what and where to get it. Its this wonderful mineral sunscreen that’s in a foundation brush form. Its so easy to use, you simply brush it over your face and it releases just the right amount of coverage.  Its also instant coverage, so you don’t have to plan ahead when wearing it!

Here’s a few other perfect products Peter Thomas Roth has that can protect you from the sun this summer.


Anti-aging Instant Mineral SPF 45

New Sheer Liquid SPF 50 Anti-Aging— this offers water resistant coverage up to 80 minutes AND its paraban-free!

 Uber-Dry Sunscreen SPF 30

I received the Uber-Dry SPF30 sunscreen (above) along with the Instant Mineral SPF30 (I’d been eyeing at the park). I was so excited to finally have products that were easy to apply and fast acting for me while I’m out with the kids. The Uber-Dry sunscreen goes on really smoothly and quickly absorbs into my skin. I love that it doesn’t leave me greasy or even that feel of a layer of grime on my body. It also is virtually scentless, so I don’t feel like I smell like the pool after using it. My favorite item is definitely the Instant Mineral sunscreen though. This is so easy to use, it can be done one-handed and literally just requires me to sweep the brush across my face/area I want it to cover. That’s it. No dipping, or rubbing or anything. I also love that because its a mineral-based product, it helps me with taming my shiny face! Its really a must have item in my beach bag this summer.

To Buy: Peter Thomas Roth

Cost: $26-30




I was not paid to write this post, I did however receive the items mentioned above at no cost to me for my honest review.


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