Hot Dogs come from Pigs

“Good Morning, Mommy”

“Ah, Good Morning, Belle”

me: “It smells like bacon in here (kitchen)”

belle: “yes, it does, did you make bacon?”

me: “no…(I’m a vegetarian …)

belle: “well, we had hotdogs last night so maybe they smell the same…”

me: “yeah, they both come from pigs”

belle with a scrunched nose looking up at me through her glasses with squinty eyes and a distressed face: “huh? hotdogs come from pigs?”

Oh, no.  Hotdogs and chicken nuggets are the only meat she this the end of hotdogs for her?  Being the super investigative girl that she is (women thing) she is searching for the source.  After a few minutes of no solid finds she resorts to cereal.  After she opens the fridge for milk I am welcomed with an overwhelming smell (the culprit).  I look in.  Ah, yes,  It’s my Whole Wheat Garlic Couscous.

me: “Belle, it’s my couscous from last night, and no it doesn’t come from pigs”

thee end.

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