Jellies with Mega Style by Holster


I have a secret to tell you. I’ve been LOVING being able to relive my youth with some of the fabulous styles that have been recycled. The 80-90’s influence in this summer’s fashion trends are really so much fun! From cropped denim jackets over maxi dresses to cropped tops and even “cut out” or open knit tops (the hubs says those are mesh. lol). My all-time favorite though are jelly shoes. I remember summers as a kid wearing my slip on jellies (they looked like flats, does anyone remember those?!). Those were the days of no worries or responsibilities…lol. Well, they are back and back in a whole new much more updated way. Holster Fashion  has the best styles of jellies for you (and your little girl!). From flat sandals to wedges and espadrilles they have you covered!

Check out these gorgeous choices…

I received a pair from Holster to try out for myself. I couldn’t wait to get them, but figured it would take some time since Holster Fashion is based out of Australia. I was completely wrong though, they got here pretty quickly! I love the sleek box my Holster sandals came in, I received the Super Model Jellie.  The one concern I had about getting my jellies was that I wasn’t sure how comfortable they’d be. I haven’t had a pair since I was a little girl, but Addison (my daughter) got a pair of jellies last year and they seemed to be stiff and not very forgiving. Well, Holster knows how to make jellies because these are extremely flexible and very comfy. My pair has a buckle to adjust the shoe to fit my foot, but I haven’t had to move the setting at all. They fit me perfectly right out of the box. I love the Swarovski Crystals used for these, too. I think they give the jellies that extra boost if you want to wear them for a night out after a day at the beach.

To Buy: Holster Fashion

Cost: $60




I was not paid to write this post, I did receive the item mentioned above at no cost to me.



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