Last Chance to Enter “Disney Baby ‘Little Character’ Contest”

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Disclosure: A big thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and the Disney Baby “Little Character” Contest.

Got Character?  Give Disney Something To Smile About And Maybe You Can Win A Prize


Since having children I have encountered many magical moments I was unaware were possible.  Like your toddler mastering potty training.  I mean, can you get anymore magical than that?  From simple picnic’s in the park to the first time your child sees the Cinderella Castle or takes a whirl at walking.

All four of my children have unique personalities and some characters stand out more than others.  Usually the more vocal kids or the “non-shy” ones (2) get the most attention.

Here is my #4 that is full on sass master, and don’t you dare call her sassy.  She’s maybe small but she fully understands what that word implies.  Her magical moment: Eating Ice Cream…and quiet.  Alivia developed a vast vocabulary at a very young age.  I was surprised at the words and complete sentences she would compose in a day.  Here, at age 18 months, she was at a loss for words as most children are with an ice cream cone.  As great as the silence may be, her voice is what defines this little girls character.  Cracking jokes and making others laugh are what she enjoys most.



Get digging for your favorite character defining moment caught in print.   Disney Baby is hosting a “Disney Baby ‘Little Character’ Contest“.  Just sign up or login at Disney Baby to enter.

Dates: From May 15 through June 18, Disney Baby will select one winner a week for a total of five finalists.

Voting:  On June 28, America will vote to select the Grand Prize winner from the five finalists.

Prizes: Grand prize is a $10,000 scholarship for your baby’s education (hallelujah) + many more prizes (Crawl on role on ABC Family’s new comedy, “Baby Daddy”; Trip to LA plus $500 shopping spree; 1 year supply of Huggies® diapers, and more) Plus some weekly prize winners will receive Huggies diaper packs and Fan Favorite Prizes like Beaches Resorts Luxury Included® Family Vacation.


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