International Delight Iced Coffee Review, Coupons, and Summer Sweeps (June 2012)

international delight


A quick way to enjoy Iced Coffee.  Just open, and pour.  Enjoy, because it is really that good!  I had a $2.00 off coupon to try this little beauty and I must say it’s a quick addiction..or is it addition? to the family.  Thankfully I’m the only one who drinks Iced Coffee or any coffee for that matter in my  house so there is no need to share.  It will keep longer than the chocolate milk. And tastes better.  It’s so perfect for our 97 degree weather we have had for the last 2 days in Indiana.

I snapped this photo right before we head out for the pool.  A great treat for me to take on the go or enjoy on my porch swing.  Loving life, summer, and International Delight’s new Iced Coffee that is ohh soo Sweet & Creamy.

Available in: Vanilla, Original, and Mocha.

Visit International Delight on Facebook and enter to win their Summer Sweeps.

1,000 winners each day

june 21-july5

Grab a International Delight Coupon for .55 cents off.



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    yeah I was kinda obsessed with the McDonald’s Iced coffee Vanilla med for $1.69…lol but now I don’t have to go through mikey d fight’s with the kids to get it..I can rarely go through a fast foods drive-thru without my kids expecting something.

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