Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinic’s Free for Kids (june, july, august 2012)


Lowe’s.  A store I wish I could visit more.  It is a lazy 45 min drive from our rural town and when we get to go it’s a treat.  I’m a bit of a painter.  Not very good at it but I do it a lot.  I actually started staining our fence outside but stopped after finding 4 dead birds (1 belly up in the pool) and I’m scarred to go back there.  You can call me a scared-e cat all you want but I’m not going back there.  Ev-ah again.  Well, maybe if it cools off I’m go back there, tippe-toe like.

Right now at Lowe’s they are treating school-aged kids to a free kids diy clinic.  Three movie themed crafts activities to keep your kids engaged all summer.

June: Madagascar

9-10 Monkey powered Plan

23-24 Luxury Assault Vehicle

July: Kung Fu Panda

14-15 Spinning Attack

28-29 Stacking Friends

August: Skrek

11-12 Dragon Ride

25-26 Onion Carriage

Times: Saturday -10am  Sunday- 2pm

Dates: Every 2nd weekend

What they get: kid’s apron, goggles, and take-home, customizable wooden project

More info can be viewed online at Lowe’s Build & Grow.

Fun?  Just watch our video below.  I show you what the kit comes with and you can see the quality and awesome-ness.  But if that isn’t reason enough to watch it check out the show behind me.  She’s 3, and loves..ahem..herself.  A character, entertainer for sure.  She could see herself in the webcam and that is why she is acting so silly.  I think.  Yeah, I hope.  Oh and I hope NO idea she was acting like that during the video, but it cracked me up afterwards.


Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my honest review of the products mentioned above.  I was not paid cash or told what to post. 

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