Casual Luxury for the Modern Woman with Lilla P


If I had the opportunity to wear something gorgeous and comfortable each day, I would totally do it. Who wants to have to suffer with clothing items that aren’t completely soft and luxurious? I know I wear tight jeans, too high of heels, and earrings that pinch and pull because I love how they look. If I could find you a place that offered me stylish pieces that are actually easy to wear, wouldn’t you want to shop there? I know I would! That’s how I felt after finding Lilla P. This company is designed for the modern woman with a touch of luxury and a casual feel to it. Lilla P started back in 1998 with the essential tee and has developed into a full line of flattering and sophisticated pieces.

Here’s a few of my favorite items right now…

I received a goodie bag full of perfect items from Lilla P. I was sent two shirts (Pinstripe Woven Camp Shirt and 3/4 henley) and two dresses (Pinstripe Woven Henley & Pinstripe Woven Easy Tank dress)  to try out for myself and for you! There is definitely amazing craftsmanship that goes into each item from Lilla P. Its obvious as you look at the items I was sent. They each are extremely soft to the touch and beyond comfortable. I can definitely see why they are considered luxury for the modern woman. I was sent each item in a size small, which is not always my size. I tend to hover between a small and medium, but was assured that a size small would work for me when ordering with Lilla P. Both of the dresses received are lined, which is huge for me! Its a bonus to have the appearance of a “summery” dress without worrying about what will show through when I wear it. Below are the pieces I received, each of them have such a classic look to them which makes it easy to accessorize and wear again.



To Buy: Lilla P 

Cost: $134-$154

I was not paid to write this post. I did receive the items mentioned above for my honest review.


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