Accessorize with Nepali by TDM Designs {50% Discount!}


If there’s one accessory that I think is underrated, it would be the scarf. I think in the past few years they’ve made an excellent name for themselves though. Adding a scarf to an outfit can really take you from blah to stunning in no time. I know many of you are thinking, nope I will not do a scarf when its 80 degrees outside. I get it, but let me just tell you there are some very lightweight and “cool” scarves out there that you can still pull off during those warm summer nights. Where do you find them? So glad you asked– Nepali by TDM Designs has what you need! From cotton to cashmere (and even bamboo!) they have a gorgeous selection of some of the finest scarves around. You don’t have to believe me though, just take a look at some of their A-List clientele…

Halle Barry- Bambi 1 Square Zebra 

Kristen Cavallari–Bambi Bobi

 Ali Fedotowsky–Cashmere Lulu Lotus

Nepali by TDM Designs isn’t all about glam, either…

NEPALI by TDM Design works directly with predominantly women cottage industries in Nepal to support women weavers and women craftsmanship in Nepal. Each accessory is hand-made using the highest quality fibers in order to ensure the ultimate in splendor of each piece, and pride in workmanship.

I absolutely love the color choices Nepali has to offer…

I felt like I hit the lottery when I was offered the chance to pick out my favorite scarf from Nepali by TDM Designs.  It was really a tough decision because there were at least 3 in my top spot. I finally decided on the one that Kristen Cavallari is wearing above– the Bambi Bobi.  After I chose it, I realized that its considered a favorite among their customers! It is easy to tell why it is a favorite, the scarf is exquisite in person. Between its bold colors and its shibori dye patterns, this is definitely a scarf that will make heads turn. It is a square scarf, which I know some are afraid of (I’ve heard people say “how do I wear it?”) but having this shape (45″x45″) actually gives you more options then a conventional one. I plan on wearing my scarf this summer both during the day with my bold skinnies & a white tee but also pairing it with a sundress at night. What a great piece to have with you incase you end up in that freezing air conditioned restaurant. That’s when you casually pull it over your shoulders and you’ve got yourself a very stylish wrap! The Bambi Bobi comes in sixteen color choices so they have something for everyone.


Nepali by TDM Designs is offering 50% off their entire site, but hurry its only through June 30th!

[Enter code “computers” to receive the discount]

In an effort to raise more funds for kids starting school in Nepal, they are offering this discount as a way to provide computers for them along with their usual school supplies.

To Buy: Nepali

Cost: $95

I was not paid to write this post, these are my honest opinions. I did receive the item mentioned above at no cost to me.


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