Making Perfect Scents: Gain Hawaiian Aloha Scent Ranks At Our House


A crisp breeze blows my curtains around the living room and the realization we need rain more than the brilliant sunshine becomes a distant memory.  It’s just me, a good book- I just picked up a new one today, and a glass of iced tea (extra sug-ah).  Ding.  Dryer’s ready to be empty, but only for a few seconds, then reloaded.  The scent of summer and tropical goodness welcomes my sense of smell when I open my LG Dryer door.   Clothes are clean, smelling better than that upside down cake in the kitchen, and ready to be stored.

I am your average scent obsessed human being.  I love smelling things and for so reason, I’m not sure why, I am very angry if I smell something that does not agree with me.  Like the time my husband did laundry and all our towels smelled like they had been lost at sea for a month.  Eww..I think even the fish wouldn’t approve.

I like scents of places I’ll never Hawaii.  Not a fan of flying or cruise ships= not going to Hawaii..ever.  I do believe that also equals a not so fun spouse or mother.  Ugh..sorry guys but maybe someday I’ll have sniffed Gain Hawaiian Aloha enough that I’ll be ready for the real thing, but for now I’m ok with watching my clothes drown in it.

What I love best about GAIN HAWAIIAN ALOHA (aka my perfect laundry mate) is the happy feeling I get when I smell it.  Happiness in a bottle without the addiction.  Perfect Mate in deed.  My clothes are clean, stay clean, and smell like I’m a clean person.  That’s what I was going for.  Achieved.  Thanks GAIN!! :)


Find your Perfect Scent at and tell me below what crazy things your senses do to you.  Follow your nose to Gain on Facebook for promotion info, chatting with other fans, and important new products and info updates.

Disclosure: I received Gain Hawaiian Aloha to test at no cost to me for this review.  I was not paid to post but will be entered to win prizes on behalf of One2One Network. 

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