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Have you been taking advantage of some of the “monthly box of goodies” trend? That is not the official name for this craze, I’m just loving all of these monthly boxes coming in the mail. I’ve been a member of Birchbox (that’s a whole additional post, if you aren’t familiar they send you a box of beauty product samples each month!) now for about 6 months and I’m always excited to see what’s in my mailbox. Well, why should we have all of the fun? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a box of children’s clothing and accessories in the mail each month? Well, now you can! Wittlebee is this fabulous company that offers you the chance to customize a monthly package to arrive on your doorstep. These boxes include name brand clothing (including Tea Collection and Luca Charles) and can send you anything from t-shirts to swimsuits depending on what you need or want.  All you do is sign up and fill out your profile, giving the Wittlebee stylists the opportunity to customize your box and find you pieces that work really well for you and your children.

Here’s a few sample boxes so you can see exactly what they look like (notice how many pieces you get!)…

Here’s a “Preppy” Styled Box

Here’s a Wittlebee box sent to Oh Joy blogger. Read her post about Wittlebee here.

 We were lucky enough to give Wittlebee a try, after they offered to send us one month to try out for ourselves. I had fun filling out our profile, after of course stewing over which type of box to receiving (boy or girl) and then which style I thought my kids were! I ended up deciding that Addison needed more clothing then her brothers (I know, hard to believe!) because she’s been growing like a weed. Her brothers still fit into loads of shorts from last summer, not to mention the new ones I bought thinking they’d grow. I couldn’t decide on one style for Addison but that’s the best part about Wittlebee, you can choose more then one style and leave notes for the stylists! You can also choose to talk to a stylist over the phone if you have any questions or concerns. I ended up saying Addison was hipster and geek style.  I love that they asked me what climate I was in and what type of clothes we needed right now.

When our box arrived, I surprised by the great packaging. I loved that each item was neatly rolled so you could see how many items you got. I was extremely excited that we received 8 pieces. I left a note for my stylist saying that she spends a lot of time at the pool and we’re going on a beach vacation, so that swim and cover up dresses are needed. I was really impressed that we received a swim suit, rash guard top and two cotton dresses.  Addie also got a great pair of denim shorts and three additional tops– one of them is Paul Frank!This has really saved me some shopping time and money if I would’ve had to go out and get these myself. After receiving this box, I’m definitely planning to sign up for a membership. What a great and easy way to get quality pieces for less and without having to scour the racks for the right size. If you sign up for Wittlebee now with our referral, you’ll receive a discount– sign up here.

Both the shirt and shorts were in our Wittlebee box!

Here’s the swimsuit she received…already using it at the pool.

To Buy: Wittlebee

Cost: $39.99/month & boxes average $100 retail in clothing

I was not paid to write this post, these are my honest opinions and may vary from your own. I did receive the complimentary box from Whittlebee mentioned above.


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