Summer Fun Activities On The Go with B.Toys Portable Take It Easel

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I’m not an artist.

However, my four children are.

And yes they can draw better than I.

And yes I’m a little bias.

Summertime is a great opportunity for school age kids and toddlers to not only get active but to explore their creativity.  My children could take down a forest with as much paper as they use on their artwork.  Love it, I do, but it’s overwhelming.  That is why an easel appears to be heaven sent.  I love watching them draw and there intent faces are so priceless.  What I love more is an easel that can erase easily.

B.Toys offers a portable easel: Take It Easel.  You can take it on the go, to the park, or just play at home.  It is double sided with a) chalk side and b) dry erase side + a clip on the top to hold papers for that sort of drawing.

Erasable whiteboard on one side
Chalkboard on the other

  • 2 magnetic sides pull you in
  • Handy handle
  • 10 non-toxic washable markers
  • Becomes tabletop easel
  • Holds markers & your other
    art supplies inside

Ages: 2-8 years

Two Can Play This Game

Fabulous Kids View:  I have had this Take It Easel by B. Toys since February but we have been so busy with school and other eventful things we just recently opened it.  I can NOT believe how much they use this.  EVERYDAY.  Fight over it too.  Sure, two kids can draw at once but three of my kids are always wanting to use it.  They love both sides and here is what they have to say about it:

Jace, age 5:

favorite side: dry-erase

Isabelle, age 8:

favorite side: chalking because the markers are harder to erase on the dry-erase side

Alivia, age 3:

favorite side: chalk-because I love chalk!

Learn more about B.Toys, submit or read awesome children’s quotes from children on their website, and view all products at  You can also purchase B.Toys at or

Price: $39.99

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