UMI Shoes Back To School New Fall Line + 20% off Coupon Code & Free Shipping



It’s mid-July and we have been through the drought..the triple digit weather…the spend every second at the pool and it’s almost time for Back To School shopping.  Summer has flown by as it always does and now we are thinking glue sticks and crayola crayons and a million other supplies for our 3 kids attending public school this fall.  Did I mention new clothes?  I have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader that need new shoes for school.  New shoes for the 1st day of school is tradition and since I work at the school I deem myself part of the “need new shoes too” clause.

Umi Shoes has some great new shoes lined up for Fall + get 20% off all styles including clearance + free shipping and free easy returns.

Use this Umi Shoes Coupon Code for 20% off and enjoy shopping: CLRSS12

Or you can use this Umi Coupon Code for 10% off: UMI10

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