Sleep in Luxury with Kumi Kookoon {Giveaway!}


I remember hearing that the quality of your sheets can make a huge difference on how well you sleep. I listened, but usually just went for styles I liked for my bedding and wasn’t too concerned with the “thread count” or material being used. That was until I got a higher thread count sheets. I completely felt the difference the first time I got into bed. It felt so much better. Of course now I pay attention to thread count…that was until I realized that the fabric is important, too. In fact silk sheets are a-mazing! Silk anything though feels so nice. That’s why I’m in love with Kumi Kookoon.  This fabulous brand of silk filled products offers items from comforters & bedding to loungewear and even baby items. Kumi Kookon is named after the silk used to make this luxurious brand.

For more than 2,000 years, the Chinese tightly guarded the secrets of silk. Anyone revealing the secrets or smuggled the silk worm eggs or kookoons outside of China was punished by death.

Today, silk continues to be a character of luxury and grandeur. kumi kookoon brings you the finest silk manufactured and unsurpassed quality. Our introductory product line brings silk-filled comforters and bedding from the Far East to the comforts of your bedroom.

Check out some of my favorite items…

I could definitely see one of these cashmere throws on the back of my sofa…

I really want this Abby gown

I know I’m always searching for a nice, unique item for a baby shower. Why not go for something silk?

Silk Baby Pillow in Cotton Candy

Silk Baby Throw in Champagne 

I received a silk pillowcase and silk filled eye mask to try out. I can’t believe I’ve lived 30+ (ok closer to 40) years without either of these items! The pillowcase feels  amazing to lie down on after a long day of screaming energetic kids. I also read that silk pillowcases help you prevent wrinkles. Well, I think its a given that I need to always have a silk pillowcase now that I know that. The quality Kumi Kookoon provides though is above and beyond what I expected. Their silk is definitely luxurious and worth the price tag. Silk in general can be pricey, so remember that as you are shopping. I promise you though, its worth it. I cannot even image how amazing their gowns are. I think I’ll be putting one on my Christmas wishlist this year!

 Kumi Kookoon is giving away a pair of silk slippers (winner’s color choice & size) and a silk filled eye mask to one lucky reader!



I was not paid to write this post. I did receive the items mentioned above at no cost to me for my honest review.

Details:  You must fill out the Rafflecopter below by signing in via Facebook or using your first name and email (it’s only has eyes for me).  Contest is NOT affiliated with Facebook and Facebook is not responsible for the prize.  This contest ends 7/25/12 at 11:59pm est.  Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter random draw and has 48hrs to claim prize.  In the event the winner does not respond a new winner will be drawn at random.  No purchase necessary to win.  US only entries only, must be 18 years or older to enter.

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    My favorite way to de-stress is to relax after everybody else goes to bed. Put my feet up, cold drink in hand, and watch my DVRed programs.

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    My way of De-Stress is lighting some candles and taking a long hot bath,with music from the 70’s Life was so simple back then!!

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    Once my kidddos are in bed, I will take a super hot bath, grab a book and a glass of wine and be in there for hours!

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    My best de-stress tip is to put on your pajamas and lounge with your pet(s). Petting & cuddling my cats always puts me at ease!

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    de stress tip lock urbathroom door if u have kids and dont want them entering draw up a bubble bath and light candles and then de stress by relaxing with a glass of wine

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    First I do some yoga and then I take a warm bubble bath, dim the lights and turn on some soft music and just soak until I feel all the stress leave my body

  15. 15

    Take a walk at night alone, and just stare up to the sky and check out the stars and moon. I do it everynight just about

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    My best de-stress tip is to grab a cup of coffee, a good book and to sit on the couch and read for a while.

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    I love when everyone goes to bed and the house is quiet and I get on my computer or watch a good movie to calm my nerves down.

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    10 minutes where noone bothers you, no phone, nothing. Just breathe good for 10 minutes and block everyone and everything out, you’ll be ok

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