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Now that the 100 degree weather has left us (hopefully for good) we are able to get outdoors and enjoy summer.  While indoors we baked cookies, read stories, fought a little, and watched a movie from Redbox.  Actually we have movie night every night during the summer.  We spend 3 hours at the pool then play out on the porch then indoors for dinner and a movie.  Our a/c has been so cold you could look in through my windows and see me curled up in a blanket with hot tea.  Cozy.

What I watched this week: Gidget, The Vow (available at Redbox), Tammy and the Doctor, Mona Lisa’s Smile, The Girl With The Pearl Earring.

What the kids watched this week: Space Dogs (available at Redbox), The Rainbow Tribe, Leave it to Beaver (movie), Mall Cop, and Kiara (available at Redbox).


Phase 4 Films offers family friendly entertainment available for rent at Redbox throughout the summer.  Who said entertaining kids had to be expensive?  We popped some popcorn, laid out a picnic, and enjoyed the show.

Space Dogs
This lighthearted animated film is based on the true story of Belka and Strelka, two dogs sent to space in 1960 who humbly become the world’s most famous canine cosmonauts. Rated G//88 minutes

The animated tale follows the courageous Princess Kiara as she conquers the evil Dreadmis and restores harmony to her beautiful kingdom, Dreamzone.  Rated PG//80 minutes

Redbox Deal:  If you reserve online for the FIRST time your next online movie reserve is FREE.  Just add your movie to your cart and make sure you note which Redbox you reserve it at!! then pick up fast and easy.  It is the ONLY way I get Redbox Movies now.

Disclosure: I receive product at no charge to me for this review by Child’s Play Communications.  My opinions are honest and my own. 

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    Thanks for the post Beth! My daughter will love this, especially Kiara. The story and the adventure of Princess Kiara, will truly interests the kids to watch this. Thanks to Redbox!
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