6 Tips To Keep Kids Healthy During The School Year


Healthy Kids = Happy Kids

(which equals even happier parents)

When I was in middle school a girl contracted hepatitis from changing baby diapers, which resulted in the whole student body needing a vaccine (if your parents chose to). It was scary and besides having to get a shot (not fun at all) we were educated on how she got sick and what to do to prevent it. It was more like bla bla bla bla YOU GET VERY SICK IF YOU DON’T WASH YOUR HANDS A LOT yikes bla bla.  This event in my life caused me to go into hand washing over drive.  It resulted in me being fearful of death and I was convinced if I didn’t clean myself a lot I was going to get sick as well, and then die.  I know it seems very juvenile but I was a juvenile.  It got to the point if I even touched my face I would wash and change my clothes.  My hands were raw, my parents were scared and it was out of control.  I would not even eat in restaurants due to the germs.  Long story (yeah, it goes longer than this) short is I’m ok now.  There was even a meningitis breakout in college and I managed to keep it under control.

So fast forward 15 years and I have my own collection of children (four) and germs are everywhere.  I keep my kids aware of the “germy eye balls” as my 3 year old calls them and we take steps to keep healthy.  Whenever I say “wash your hands, Alivia” after the bathroom she might run out the door.  Then I say..”good luck with those germy eye balls” and she runs right back nearly knocking everyone in her way down to clean them off.  Point of story: find out what works for your kids.

6 Tips To Keep Kids Healthy during the school year

We can’t always be where are kids are or control what is going on at school.  These easy 6 back to school health tips are something you can start working on now at home and if you play your cards right they may just pick up the habit while your not around!

  • Tip 1: Everyone carries hand sanitizer in their backpacks.  You can score some kid-friendly hand sanitizers and they think it’s “cool”.

  • Tip 2: Never EVER EVER drink from the drinking fountain.  (I have a story for that too but maybe we’ll save that for another time..it involved MONO) Let your child pick out a BPA-Free Eco-Friendly water bottle to take every day to school.  We use a filtered water pitcher to filter our tap and then fill bottles each night for the next morning.  It’s trendy and I notice a lot of kids now doing it in school.

  • Tip 3: Tell your child to sing one of their favorite songs in their head while they are hand washing, odds are they are already doing that, and it will ensure they have the proper time under the suds.  Then tell them to use their disposable towel after drying hand to open the door.  “Not everyone washes!”,  is what I tell my kids and they know that “germy eyeballs” live on those surfaces waiting to hop a ride home.

  • Tip 4: Don’t trade food in the lunch room.  I REPEAT: Don’t trade food in the lunch room.  ‘Even if lil Johnny’s twinkle looks better than your cookie never swap food..he may have sneezed on it’.  That usually gets an “ew” at my house.   My son had a boy that would touch his food at lunch and since I work at the school (and another aide told me this was going on) I approached the child and taught him some manners about respecting others space.

  • Tip 5: Exercise with your kids.  Yes, kids are active on their own but teaching them the importance of certain movements promotes good blood flow and active minds.  Somersaults, rolling races, jumping jacks, and high kicks all get the heart rate up and it’s fun.

  • Tip 6: I hope you didn’t think I was going to leave out healthy eating habits.  Encourage your kids to help build their lunches or choose meals at night together.  Kids are more likely to eat it if they helped make it.  This is a proven fact in our home as I house the worlds pickiest eater (as I was myself).

As someone who easily went off the deep end from fear of germs I find it a sensitive matter and try to keep it light and upbeat as I don’t want to scare my kids into any phoebes, that’s a whole other problem.  I focus on ways to keep healthy habits trendy and of interest to them.  Being cautious of germs is one thing.  Building a good immune system and fighting off infections is another.  Together you can have one awesome healthy critter for the new school year.

As a member of Clever Girls Collective, I was selected to participate in the Healthy Habits program sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #healthyhabits #cgc

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