Back to School with Florsheim Kids Boys Shoe Line

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We can’t make our kids want to attend Harvard or Yale, but we can make them look like they want to attend Harvard or Yale.  Genius.  It doesn’t take an ivy league grad to figure out quality over quantity is a smart choice.  That’s why when I shop for my children’s back to school clothing I pick out durable shoes that will last the whole year.  From jumping puddles in kindergarten to stepping into middle school doors for the first time our boys need to be protected.

Classic looks are back for prep school, public school, Christian or Catholic Schools, and Home-Schooled.  Florsheim Kids just launched in June and as of yesterday, July 16th, you can now find them on Facebook and view their new boys shoe line for back to school shopping.  From all ‘boy’ walks of life comes a shoe line designed for the proper kind of boy, or mud slingers too.  I have one of both..let me introduce you to them:

Jace (the mud slinger)

Entering: Kindergarten public school

Interests: DS games, funny movies, riding bikes, jumping off tables, swimming, entertaining everyone, and his best friend Brody

Kaleb (the proper one)

Entering: 5th grade public school

Interests: Cartoon Network computer games, Wii games, Pokemon, movies, snacking 24/7


No matter their different personalities or interests one thing they have in common: an awesome mom.. (*couch* I mean) they aren’t particular.

Top 5 Things You’ll Never Hear My Boys Ask:

  1. More broccoli, please!
  2. Does this match?
  3. Can we watch Tangled again?
  4. Is it time to go to bed yet?
  5. Would it be ok if (their sister) Belle can come play with us?

Now that you’ve gotten to know my boys here they are in an awkward photo shoot by yours truly.’s 100 degrees out and ck out their’s the cost of beauty, boys!

I’m impressed!  The Mug Slinger’s legs look really clean.  In fact I tried to make him wear pants and/or socks but the fight was too great for me to conquer.  I counted my review blessings that they posed for me at all.

Fabulous View: My kids announced that they are comfortable..even without socks.  However, I always recommend socks coming from a mom of four that carries band-aids for blisters at any given moment.  Florsheim Kids offers  trendy kids shoes for back to school or for any occasion.  Have a wedding to attend and the kids sneakers are looking worse than they smell?  Or maybe your getting your family photo’s taken this Fall and want them to look their best.  Florsheim Kids shoes will prove useful in many areas of our life: school programs, Church, out for dinner, wearing to school.  They won’t, however, be wearing them to bike in or, ahem, sling mud in.  Well, Jace might try but not without regretting it.

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Disclosure: I received product at no cost to me for this review.  I was not paid to post.  My opinions are honest and my own.

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