New Fall HIT Show EMILY OWENS M.D. on the CW Network

emily owens md

A sweet, innocent, humorous, addicting, and kids can walk by the tv and not be ruined for life kinda show is coming this fall to the CW Network.  If your like me I enjoy watching shows that aren’t animated or have silly characters acting like pre-teens (so annoying! glad the 90s are over) i/e cartoons or kid flick shows.  Something for my husband and I to watch but also family friendly enough that a lingering 3 year old won’t be traumatized to sit by me during.   If you’ve shouted the words “COVER YOUR EYES” or “TO YOUR ROOM NOW” because a show that you expected to be good ended up with some language or kissing (ok,a lot of kissing) scene you know what I’m talking about.  I often watch older movies or tv shows that are cleaner and safe for my kids to be around.  Every once and awhile tv producers go and surprise me with a conservative family sitcom.  Congratulations today is the day I found one!  Actually the best part of this show is the screenwriter.  She was a hoot to read about and offering her vision and details of the show and her real life makes her seem more like a person..and not just a big shot tv producer acting all professional and better than you.  She’s normal!  She’s like us, slinging dirty diapers into the trash and giving piggy back rides for free.

This Fall can’t come soon enough (and I’m not just talking about this intense heat letting up-I’m so over it).  EMILY OWENS M.D. will air on the CW on Tuesday’s this Fall, October 16th at 9pm EST.  Emily Owens is played by the lovely Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter).

Fabulous View:  My husband and I started watching the Emily Owens M.D. pilot one night (with wine and no kids) and to my excitement I became addicted (not to the wine but the show!).  Unfortunately I’m used to Netflix where I can hit “play next episode” when one is over.  So, I have to wait.  Ugh, I’m not patient.  I’m really into this show too.  I love how the main character, Emily (I hope you assumed that was her name via the show title), is a smart and witty character that is a little low on self esteem.  Which I can relate to.  She is fresh out of doctor school and ready to get in the ER.  Along side her is a dreamy crush from “doctor school”.  I think he’s cute but I have my eye on another doctor.  You’ll know who he is when you see him.  Anyhow on her first day of interning at the hospital she spots an old high school foe.  Soon Emily realizes working at the hospital is much like high school.  Everyone has their own groups: popular, jocks, geeks, and so on.  The end of the Pilot had me ’bout in tears (I cry a lot) and wanting more…(devilish laugh) much much more.  I thought it would remind me of some of the other ‘doctor sitcoms’ I’ve seen in the past but it is unique.  It has humor and serious moments.  It’s not just stupid humor like another show I will not name.  Or too inappropriate like another show I’ve seen.  It’s good..give it a chance.

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