Review: Tea Collection Back To School Basics (lesson included)

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School is in Session!

Listen up class!  If you think back to school is as painful as pulling teeth you may be right.  My kids moan, groan, and ache for an escape from the inevitable return to books-reading-homework-yadda yadda.  Either way it can be turned full circle into a fun time if you make it that way.  Shopping trips with your kids get them excited, even if for a moment, to go back to school.  Picking out backpacks, new shoes, gym shoes, jeans whoa this is giving me some anxiety now.

Let’s start with new clothes…for girls

Lesson #1 

Tea is a three letter word.  It can mean one of two things: a delicious drink enjoyed by the British and all people awesome and #2: the first word in the fabulous clothing company for boys, girls, and women: Tea Collection.   Now enjoy these visuals and take notes.  Every good scholar takes her notes, ladies.

My intelligent daughter, Belle, enjoys the comfort and design of this Tea Collection favorite: Rohkea Stripe Playdress.  Belle is a petite girl with big passion.  I ordered the size 7 for her.  She is 8 1/2 years old but very small for her age..I think she’s in the 5th percentile for age/height.  My advice: these pair best with some polka dot leggings.  The back to school playdress hits just above the knee and can I get one in my size, please?  This dress has room for play and pretty.

Price: $29.00

Brilliant.  Your daughter will look sharp as a tack in this Mikko Floral Bubble dress available in 3 colors and prints.  Tea Collection delivers yet another fashionable way to be comfortable for kids.  This well crafted girls dress is available in sizes 6M-12 years.  Top off this look with a kids denim jacket and a pair of Umi shoes.

Price:  $35.00

Smarty Pants!  The Heather Stripe Leggings in Pink Lemonade bond well with the Moderni Banded Dress.  Jumping puddles and skipping hop at recess couldn’t be easier with this comfortable modern fancy dress.

Price: leggings $24, dress $29

Every bright girl should know vivid colors stand out in school.  I picked out this Laululintu Tee because of my Belle’s intense love for animals.  Laululintu means Songbird in Finnish.  It means awesome in daughter’s language.  I heart the scrunched sleeves in this tee and the print design.  Oh, and the color.  This girls graphic tee is best worn with a Tea Collection twirl shirt and leggings.

Price: $26

No children were hurt in this class lesson.  All homework will be eating by the dog and the only thing they took away this afternoon was style.  Mommy’s school is pretty cool.  I encourage everyone to chalk a four square on in the driveway and get playing before summer is over.  Keeping summer alive, even when the school year has begun, can be as easy at Tea.  Grab a colorful Tea Collection playdress or other back to school basics, think backpack, and keep a bright mind.  Remember: quality lasts.  style lives inside you.  christmas break is 140 days away.

Red Alert Deal: Right now enjoy 10% off at Tea Collection or shop their 50% off summer sale going on now.

Disclosure: I received this product for review at no cost to me.  My opinions are honest and my own. 

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