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The Basics: Your kids are either in the [doing cartwheels all the way to school club] or in the [pinch me, it’s a nightmare summer can’t be over clan].  You can’t be in both boats and rarely are they on the fence about the issue.  Love it or hate’s here and school isn’t going anywhere but forward.  Why, my husband just told me over dinner that a high school near us is offering college credit classes to help the advance students start early.

Here’s some Extra Credit (ya know the points you get for outstanding effort):

  • Feed them a healthy full breakfast each morning (I plan ours the evening before)
  • Send lots of sharpened pencils (working at the school you realize the pencil problem going on in’s a huge issue trust me)
  • Dress them in appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes (this is KEY to show the teacher your child has an intelligent parent-highly intelligent)

It’s Smart To Do Your Homework: I bought 3 new pairs of shoes for my son that started K this fall.  He complained about his feet and some sores every day.  You want your child to have a comfortable shoe and not worried about something wrong in their shoes.  Like sand.  Or blisters.

My daughter on another note has been foot loose and fancy free of all blisters this year.  We sent her packing to school with a super supportive backpack because she has scoliosis but our safety infused with fashion sense didn’t stop there.  No, my friends, it did not.  We always find comfort in Umi Shoes.

Umi Shoes top quality fabrics keep wear longer than other brands we have bought in the past.  Tippy and pigeon toe tested the best part of Umi Shoes is they have SOUL.  Ok, I’m sure if they could sing (and maybe that should be next on their list of TO DO’s) they would have that sort of soul but I’m really digging their soles.   I promise your active jumpy child will find support and lasting durability in Umi Shoes.  My daughter receives a lot of Umi Shoes and we have been reviewing them for over a year.  I vow they are super.

If you’re in the ‘looking primarily for a fashion statement shoe’ category you’re in the place as well.  Welcome to the all you can receive out of a shoe event.  You’ve come to the right place, at the right time. My Belle is a book worm..let me say that louder BOOK WORM> I handed her this old book with Readers’ Digest stories in it and she forgot I was taking pictures of her.  I love her.

Belle and she loves all things bright and easy to slip on.  She chose the Marissa  for many reasons but here are a couple:

v  Color

v Easy to Use/ Comfy interior

Here is why her mother approved of this decision, as scrumptious as it was:

v  Design/Style

v  Function (easy on and off)

v  Color

v  Umi Shoes durable soles and patent leather

v  Versatile: for school, Church, tea parties

Can you tell me what you find addictive about shoes?  I have a feeling if you’re reading this your into shoes as much as I am.  Maybe you have a modest taste or crave the detail, while others thirst to be in the spot light.  We have an appetite for all things with high quality and easy to wear.  If you’re looking for new kids shoes visit Umi Shoes online for a complete visual to the banquet of choices.  You won’t be leaving empty.  Also connect with Umi Shoes on Facebook and Twitter @UmiShoes for the most recent promotions and new product announcements.  Save 10% right now with this Umi Shoes coupon code: UMI10.


Dorothy got ripped, these little reds would have got her home right from the start!

Enter to win a pair of Umi Shoes!

Details:  You must fill out the Rafflecopter below by signing in via Facebook or using your first name and email (it’s only has eyes for me).  Contest is NOT affiliated with Facebook and Facebook is not responsible for the prize.  This contest ends 8/31/12 at 11:59pm est.  Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter random draw and has 48hrs to claim prize.  In the event the winner does not respond a new winner will be drawn at random.  No purchase necessary to win.  US only entries only, must be 18 years or older to enter.

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post, however I did receive free product for my honest review.


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