It’s all about Labels: A Mabel’s Labels Review

mabels labels


It’s all about labels in school. The cute, friendly kind of labels. The ones you won’t go home screaming and crying about. What? So 6th grade was rough on me..sure you had some moments in junior high too.  Labeling can show off your unique style and organized class act.  You’re so cool!

Do you remember the day when you had to write a message on a piece of paper then use scotch tape to post it anywhere?  Like before sticky notes were even heard of.  If the words OLD is screaming in your head rest assured that’s not where this convo is going.  Consider yourself lucky to have lived long enough to be considered wise.

Speaking of wisdom, Mabel’s Labels (if you’ve never heard of them) is a company all about labels.  Focusing on keeping your child’s things label, organized, and super chic.  Check out their packaging:

Great Ideas for Labeling:

  • bottles/sippy cups that go to a sitter
  • gym shoes-art shirt for school
  • pencils, notebooks,
  • eco-friendly water bottles
  • clothing when going to a sleepover
  • lunchbox, backpack, and pencil case tags

Fabulous View:  I reviewed some Mabel’s Labels last year and placed them on my daughters water bottles for school.  Over a year later and those labels are like brand new and have never had to be replaced. That’s something to brag about. What I love about the new ones I reviewed is they can fit on pencils.  Ok, let me tell you something I’ve learned while working at the school.  There is a problem in your child’s school.  Its nothing that’s going to hurt them. It is only going to slow them down.  Pencils.  Yes, dear friends, there is a super pencil problem going on.  This may be the first time you’ve heard about this but it’s true.  Honest Abe.  To cut down on the ‘who’s pencil is this’ saga start marking yours with labels.  Also encourage them to not purposely  break them to go use the sharpener 20x a day.  Just sayin’.

I used the personalized name labels for Belle’s pencils, tagged her lunch bag and backpack, labeled her water bottles, gym shoes, eyewear case, notebooks, ect.  These fun colorful labels are easy to apply and as I said before they are durable and long lasting.


To learn more about these amazing labels visit Mabel’s Labels and connect with them on twitter (@mabelhood) and facebook for current promotions and new product information.  Peace-Out.


Disclosure: I participated in a blogger outreach via Global Influence.  I was not paid to post but received product at no cost to me to facilitate this review.  My opinions about these products are honest.

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