Kelly Moore Bag $110!

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I’ve been really wanting to purchase a new Kelly Moore Bag because I absolutely LOVE my current one. In the past two years since I purchased my bag though, I seemed to have accumulated more “stuff” and need a little more space. I’m really excited to upgrade to the Libby Bag (I really want the space for my iPad)! But- my husband said, first I need to sell my current bag to pay for my new one. He’s all about using what I have and not being wasteful. That’s wonderful, except I really loved the idea of having a Kelly Moore “collection” in my closet to choose from. I agreed though and I’m now about to put my bag up for sale. I decided to first offer it to any of our readers. If you are interested in owning this gorgeous Kelly Moore Bag (that’s in excellent condition, no marks at all)with its dust cover– that is currently out of stock on Kelly Moore’s website. This one sells for $199 when its in stock.  Please email me for details at   I can send you close up pictures of the inside and out so you can see what excellent condition its in.

Asking $110 (plus shipping)


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