Tulle Fashions on Sale

I like a sale.  You know this.  Finding unique vintage women’s clothing for an affordable price is no easy task.  So, I’m sharing with you, Lovies, my favorite vintage spot.


Yes, you’ve read some awesome-ess reviews of Tulle on here before.  And yes we are bragging.  However, I want you to see why we beg them to work with us…

Their style…

is unique…

and their sales….

are “I just got a pedicure” fun…

Less about stinky feet and more about loving hot legs….
Thigh High Leggings


Raglan Sleeve Dress with Contrast Detail
Short Sleeve Top w/ Ribbon Front
Sleeveless Dress
Ruffle Jacket
T-neck Sweater Dress

And now the Newest Finds! I think you’ll enjoy the Snood, even though it’s sold out. Boohoo! But their trendy fashion scarves with pockets and bows is something to get others talking about. Whew that’s very unique of you! The double breasted coat is my favorite in grey. It’s no fifty shades, but it’s still perdy. Tulle’s long sleeve women’s dresses are also something to swirl around the room in.

Have fun browsing! Vintage inspired wear is available at tulle4us.com

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored or reviewed for the company. 

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