Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection {$500 Giveaway!}

rebecca minkoff 2013

I love NYC Fashion week. Of course, I am not actually at any of the events- but being able to watch each show online and see all of the coverage is almost (just let me think it, okay?!) as good as being there. While I’m excited to flaunt my must have fall essentials now that the weather has cooled down, I have to say I’m really excited for all of these amazing spring/summer collections, too!

One of my favorites has to be Rebecca Minkoff’s S/S 13 collection. I’ve always loved her style, so it wasn’t a surprise that her show stole my number one spot. Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection has a subtle 70’s feel. She said she was inspired by photographer, Slim Aaron’s work. Which of course had me googling. Take a look for yourself and his work…

  I can see now her inspiration for the bold reds, cobalts and solid white pieces.

After seeing some of Slim Aaron’s work, I can definitely see the mixing of bold patterns which I’m so excited about. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the flowing pants as well. Take a look at this gorgeous outfit…

I really love that its paired with a white handbag, too.  The longer strap on this makes it so versatile from being a shoulder bag to cross body. I noticed a few great white bags and I cannot wait.  I’ve  also noticed a trend in orange accessories for Spring. I love orange, so when I saw these gorgeous orange heels with this Rebecca Minkoff outfit I fell in love!

 This outfit screams sassy prepster…*swoon*

While I wait for Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring/Summer Collection, I suppose I’ll have to ask the mister for this gorgeous bag for our anniversary. You know, just to hold me over until Spring.



Do you want a chance to win $500 to spend at Rebecca Minkoff? I know I do! Go to to enter to win.

Good Luck!


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